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Top 10 Accessories That Will Automatically Identify You As A Nerd (And That’s Not A Bad Thing)

In recent years nerdom (the fan culture of being a nerd) has risen to a pedestal that we would usually get pushed off for laughs. Today young, old, skinny and fat nerds wear the badges of our esoteric knowledge proudly and the market has finally come to provide us with high quality accessories that are cool to boot. Here are the top ten accessories that will automatically identify you as a nerd.

1. Iron Man Phone Case

Tony Stark is not just nerd cool but also real world cool (that’s why he’s played by R.D.J.). He’s a multimillionaire playboy, with gadgets and toys galore, a genius engineer and the owner of a weapons manufacturing company. Oh did I mention he also has flying bullet-proof armor with integrated A.I.? Well you can add a bit of that cool when you wrap your phone in this great Iron Man iPhone case.

2. The Superhero range of usb sticks

Transferring media and data to a myriad of slick devices is a nerds wet-dream that might have gotten a bit wetter with these bad boys. Featuring the 1950s golden era of comic books heroes such as Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman and Catwoman, they can double as car keys as they keep your data safe!

3. 3D Superhero Wall Light

Have your favorite Superheroes hand or head smashing through the wall and then become a nightlight so you’re not scared of the bad guys under your bed.

4. Agents of Shield watch

If you’re a covert nerd then this is perfect for you. A slick black on black watch that any unconverted civilian would pass over as a just a cool timepiece actually carries the Shield organization’s symbol. You’ll never be part of the elite watchdog organization SHIELD but at least have a watch so you can fake it.

5. More than meets the eye transformers t-shirt

If you’re a fan of the fire-fest explosion-spectacular known as Micheal Bay’s Transformers Movies or an non-Heretic Original Animated Series fan (like you should be), then this shirt (with a glow-in the dark Autobots insignia) will make you weak at the knees.

6. The R2D2 Carry-on

Every nerd worth his salt loves the Star Wars franchise and now you can proudly display that with your own R2D2 companion, which you can put your underwear in!   

7. Super-Hero Belt

This is a grand display of loyalty to your favorite comic book hero. Oh and it will keep your pants up too, which is a pretty good benefit. Now you can strut your stuff in the club in the hopes that you’ll meet a cute nerd or nerdette and make cute little baby nerds together!

8. Star Trek family decals

Once you’ve successfully found  a fellow nerd to breed with; show off your herd of nerds with these cool stickers. You know the only reason you managed to breed was because of all those cool accessories, right?

9. Nerdtendo Gamebooze Flask

Even gamers like a nip once in a while, and for such an occasion why not grab your flask that looks like a 1980s retro cool Gameboy. You can’t play anything on it but does that really matter? It’s full of alcohol.

10. Video Game Inspired Clothing

The reason we play video games is so we can assume a different identity and live adventures that we wouldn’t in real life. Not only do we play these characters, but we also like to look like them! Musterbrand has a series of clothes inspired by our favorite, bad-guy punching, wall jumping, sword-fighting characters!

If you want to keep that special nerd in your life smiling, there are a bunch of items out there that will make the perfect gift. If you find a favorite accessory that proudly displays your nerdiness feel free to comment in the section below!

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