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Top 10 Annoying Office Behaviors: The Cubicle Madness

Annoying office behaviors can increase the stress level of an already strained work environment. In today’s hectic work environment we seem to be spending more time with our co-workers, than we do with our significant others, family, and other friends. In such close quarters, it can be easy to get on each other’s nerves. Here are top ten annoying office behaviors.

1. Phone Etiquette

Do not speak on the phone to customers, or on personal calls, in an abnormally loud tone of voice. Especially in an office full of crowded cubicles, your voice carries. This makes it difficult for others to concentrate and complete their assigned tasks. In addition, your co-workers really do not want to know everything you have asked your husband to pick up from the grocery store this afternoon or why your sister got in a fight with her husband again! That is definitely too much information!

2. Continuous Borrowing

While the occasional borrowed change is acceptable between two friends, repetitively asking someone to spot you a dollar here and there can quickly become an annoyance. You should budget in such as a way as to allow yourself enough money at work for the occasional snack or soft drink. Don’t make a habit out of doing this as it can cause resentment between co-workers.

3. Stealing

Sadly, some employees do steal. They steal from the company or other employees. Some will even go so far as to eat someone else’s lunch out of the employee kitchen refrigerator. For shame! Never be the one guilty of this. Most people would gladly give you something to eat if you are truly starving. Just ask!

4. Habitual Tardiness

Habitual tardiness is not only annoying, but if not kept in check, it could also cost your job. Your employer is only going to put up with this for so long. It is also unfair to the other employees who always arrive to work promptly. Along the same lines, it is just as bad to habitually leave work five minutes early. You are not the only one who wants to beat the traffic.

5. Annoying Emails

While an occasional joke can give a needed break to a co-worker, prolonged sending of chain emails or even jokes can delay them from accomplishing their work. It is rude to take up someone’s valuable time opening useless emails, especially if you are not even sure they’d like to receive them. If you insist on sending these emails, at least find out if the people on your mailing list wish to receive them.

6. Taking Credit For Someone Else's Work

Never be a credit hog. This is someone who cannot go along with or present an idea unless it was his own. Collaboration is a beautiful thing. It never hurts to give credit where credit is due. Perhaps someone will return you the favor someday.

7. Invading Personal Space

While cubicles may not have doors, the space inside should belong to the inhabitant, at least during work hours. It is polite to ask to speak with someone rather than invading his or her private space without an invitation.

8. Sour Disposition

Someone who is constantly disagreeing, starting arguments, and frowning will be avoided like the plague. It is not your co-workers’ fault if you are dissatisfied with your job or if you are unhappy in general. Why make everyone else miserable as well?

9. Untidiness

Take some time at the end of the day to tidy up your personal workspace. Clutter and disorganization are unproductive. It is the indication of someone who does not care about his work.

10. Spying

Nothing is more nerve wracking than having someone continuously looking over your shoulder or eavesdropping on your conversations. It begins to feel like your office has been infiltrated by the secret police. Gossip is akin to spying. Burn down the grapevine before it overruns your office!

Let’s face it, we are forced to co-inhabit in an often very small workspace, with people whom we may or may not particularly like or want to associate with. Be a considerate co-worker and watch your office etiquette. Can you think of any other annoying office behaviors that drive you crazy? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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