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Top 10 Awesome Perks From the World’s Best Companies 2014

While compensating top talent with money is still important, the savviest companies today have figured out that offering some amazing perks can help them attract and retain the very best employees. In a constant battle to keep employees happy and show that they value their efforts, organisations present unusual or lavish benefits in order to overcome the competition of attracting top talent.

Here are some of the coolest ways with which the world’s most renowned companies rewarded their staff in the previous year:

1. Box seats to Red Sox games and tickets to concerts – Bingham McCutchen

The law firm offers its employees in Boston two box seats to a Red Sox game annually, including playoffs and championships. Eligibility is subject to seniority, but the company does its best to allow as many lawyers as possible to enjoy the game. The company also offers tickets to concerts at Fenway Park, TD Garden and Gillette Stadium. The firm is ranked #60 Best Company to Work For by Fortune.

2. In-house premieres – Discovery Communications

Employees at Discovery Communications, the media group which owns worldwide known Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and TLC enjoy the privilege of watching early screenings of movies. In July for example, they were the first to watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Special Edition: The "Watch n’ Sniff" episode. Besides this, they had the opportunity to meet Oprah Winfrey at the company’s headquarters in November.  The media company is ranked #79 Best Company to Work For by Fortune.

3. Compensation for the death of an employee- Ernst & Young


The international professional services firm offers benefits that expand beyond the living. If an employe dies while working for the firm, his family is entitled to a compensation of either $50,000 or four months’ salary (whichever is greater). The firm ranks #78 in Fortune’s list.

4. Workout sessions- Intuit

Being deskbound is never a concern for the software company’s employees thanks to the ‘Workout on Wheels’ cart offering mini-workouts or relaxation sessions. The mini-workouts include yoga, breathing and meditation as well as strengthening and stretching activities among small teams.  The company ranks #8 in Fortunes’ list.

5. Attractive relocation package - Qualcomm

The American tech firm offers a generous relocation package to its summer interns besides a prestigious compensation package.  Benefits include roommate matching, furnished housing, transportation allowance as well as amenities like kitchen equipment, maid service, towels and linens, DVD and TV player. It’s then no surprise that the company ranks #32 in Fortune’s Best Companies to Work for list.

6. Fun training sessions – Kiewit

Kiewit, one of the world’s biggest contractors, makes training sessions fun for employees. After they receive training on the company’s heavy machinery, they spend the following day competing at the ‘Equipment Rodeo’, which involves picking up a beach ball with an excavator or grading a road. The winners are rewarded with attractive prizes. The company is ranked #99 in Fortune’s list.

7. Open up for Bruno Mars’ show- Google

The tech giant offers amazing perks that go beyond the office. Last year it offered the chance to the three talent show winners to open for Bruno Mars’ show in Las Vegas.  With such creative perks, there’s no doubt that Google tops Fortune’s list with being ranked the Best Company in the World.

8. "We Love Our Employees Day” – The Container Store

The US-based retail chain that specialises in storage and organisation solutions, organises an event every Valentine’s Day called "We Love Our Employees Day" which includes special treats like “lamb’s wool blankets and t-shirts, hot chocolate K-Cups to be used in temporary ’cocoa lounges,’ and a video message featuring the company’s CEO, Chairman, and Chief Merchandising Officer”. The company is ranked #28 in the Best Company to Work for list.

9. Rich incentives for employees to rent or buy in the city - Quicken Loans=

This is an example of a firm that turned a problem into a highly rewarding opportunity in the form of a perk. After noticing that many of its employees live in the outskirts of Detroit, the mortgage lender teamed up with several other firms to reduce the financial burden of those who buy or rent in the city.  According to Fortune, “first time renters are entitled to a $2,500 allowance toward the cost of their apartment in the first year, followed by $1,000 for the second. Homebuyers can receive a $20,000 forgivable loan and existing homeowners additional $5,000 for home improvements”. With such a lucrative proposition, the company ranks #5 in Fortune’s list.

10. Snooze or Crooze-Colley

The law firm rewards its employees who do a great job with ‘Snooze or Cruise’ certificates that enable them to choose between two options: either to come in two hours late or leave two hours early on any day they prefer.

These were some of the most amazing perks that dominated the corporate world last year. Do you know of any other terrific perks that big companies offered in the past year? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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