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Top 10 Best Snacks to Pack for Your Workday

Workplace Snacks

Do you ever get tired of eating the same old vending machine snacks in the workplace? Do you often find yourself eating left over office birthday cake when you’re super hungry, after slogging away for all those hours? If so, this guide will provide you with some much needed inspiration as to what snacks can satisfy your hunger while also giving your workmates total food envy and saving yourself some of that hard earned cash!

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1. Roasted Monkey Nuts

“What’s a monkey nut”? They’ll ask. Well, you can tell your colleagues that these tasty nuts are packed full of protein and will provide you with the energy you need, all day long.

But make sure you buy the ‘roasted’ ones and not the plain ones – that would be a big mistake.

2. Bananas

Need I say more? Bananas are both tasty and healthy. Need something sweet to give you that final push for the working day at 3pm? Bananas will give you energy and fill up your belly!

Just don’t let them get moldy after a week in your draw!

3. Oatcakes

Rather than reaching for the biscuit tin, why not have an oatcake? Oats are an essential part of a balanced diet, yet oatcakes taste just like digestive biscuits! Who’d have thought?

You can spread practically anything on top too!

4. Flappyjacks

‘Flappys’ are a great alternative to eating cake in the office. Packed full of those much needed oats, the flapjack is also a real nice sweet treat to have during your tea break.

5. Rice Cakes

Very low in calories and practically fat free; Rice cakes can be bought in various different tasty flavours. Harvesting a box of plain rice cakes? Why not jazz them up by spreading a layer of pesto over the top?

6. Yogurt covered raisins

This easy, sweet tasting snack requires no hard work; just open the bag and eat. If you buy a big enough bag, you could snack all day long, or share with friends.

7. Peperami

So you’re a carnivore? Perhaps you hit the gym and live off meat? The Peperami is a simple, meaty snack that can fit nicely in your pocket.

The perfect snack for those who crave a little meat feast.

8. Dairylea Dunkers

Don’t have the capacity for a sophisticated cheeseboard in the office? Thought not!

The Dairylea Dunker is the next best thing for cheese and dairy lovers. Just simply dip and eat!

9. Breakfast bars

The breakfast bar is the perfect snack for ‘Elevensies’ (That snack that you have religiously at 11am). This can be any breakfast cereal that’s been conveniently compacted into a small bar. A word of advice - buy a multipack to save yourself from running out!

10. Peanut Butter

The most versatile of the workplace snack. This jar of gooey goodness can be stored in your desk draw all year round and can be served on just about anything; Bananas, Oat cakes, rice cakes – I would even put my Peperami in their for a dunk. Get yourself a jar for the desk – it will save your stomach on a hungry day.

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Well, there you have it! – 10 easy workplace snacks that will stand the test of time and prevent you from throwing all of your money into a vending machine and buying rubbish food that you didn’t even want to eat!

Do you eat any of the treats mentioned above? Do you have any other snacks to add to the list?


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