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Top 10 Best Workplaces in the UK

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1. 10. McDonald’s Restaurants
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The famous worldwide food chain employs 91,000 people in the UK, including crew members, trainee members etc. The company provides a range of targeted training schemes and apprenticeships for students, graduates and experienced professionals. Among the most prominent rewards and benefits of the company are up to six weeks holiday, flexible working arrangements, employee discounts and many other benefits. Employees at McDonald’s come from diverse backgrounds but all share a positive attitude. Also, external recognition is important to the company to benchmark itself against other industry-leading employers.

A great workplace is the one in which employees feel proud of where they work and what they do, and are committed to helping the organisation achieve its business objectives. By the same token, managers ensure employees feel valued and supported and build business based on trust and integrity. According to a survey by Great Place to Work (UK) the top 5 practices for improving engagement are: 1. ensuring fair rewards, recognition and appreciation, 2. providing a fun place to work, 3. promoting work-life balance, 4. building employee pride by contributing to community and 5. promoting fairness so that people feel a sense of unity.

Great Place to Work published a special report this year which outlines the best workplaces in the UK, as part of the Best Workplaces Programme, which has been running for 14 years in the UK. The results of the survey are primarily based on the employees’ responses (two thirds of the final score comes from the employee survey named as Trust Index©) which aim to measure both trust and engagement.

Check out this slideshow to view the Top 10 best workplaces in the UK with regards to the large category of companies (500+ employees)…

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