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Top 10 Blogging Tips for Local Businesses

As Google has shown us over the years, the local business is towards the top of their priorities list. Blogging and gaining a following online really can lead to more people walking through your door. With that in mind, you need to know how to make the most of your blogging endeavours. Let’s take a look at 10 awesome blogging tips for local businesses.


1. Think of What Your Readers See First

On your website, make sure readers get the point in the first couple of sentences. Don’t make them wait until the end for the payoff. Give them the payoff now and they’ll keep reading just to find out more.

Consider everything that goes above the fold. This applies to the information displayed on the screen without readers having to scroll downwards. Make sure you put all the important information above the fold. Entice readers from the very beginning.

2. Experience Issues

Never say anything that could indicate a lack of experience, even if you do lack experience. Be an authority on your subject. Fake it to make it. Act like you know what you’re talking about at all times. People want to know that you’re an expert when you talk.

3. Does the Content Appeal?

An easy way of checking if your content is good is to use the ‘you’ test. Would you want to read this content if you were a customer? If the answer is no, the chances are your clientele aren’t going to be interested either.

It’s nonsense to ask for completely original content. The chances are someone somewhere has written about your subject before. This is why you have to aim for a more unique spin on it. Look for a special way you can communicate the same message

Try indulging in a good story. Make your product or promotion into a story. Tell an interesting story about it, whether it’s a personal experience or just a piece of fiction you came up with on the spot.

Remember, you’ll run out of ideas sooner or later. This is where you should just go full blown selling mode. Don’t be afraid to use the occasional hard sell in a blog post. Just don’t dedicate too many blogs exclusively to promotions and sales.

4. Make it Perfect

Always check for grammar and spelling errors over and over again. Nothing turns off a reader like a sentence without a capital letter or the wrong there/they’re/their being used. Think about your grammar and spelling and check it over more than once.

5. Consider Google

Always keep Google in mind. Use a range of short and long-tail keywords to get your blog into the faces of the right people. Post your blog onto a Google Plus account to further interest Google. Whilst it isn’t a priority, you still have to make sure you think of the search engine.

Link to some reputable sources outside your site. This will establish your website as a useful source of information, according to Google. It further enhances your authority on the subject you’re writing about.

It’s also important to link inside. This is for SEO reasons because it drives people to other sites and other blog posts. It’s an easy way of subtly pointing back to some of your older posts that have suffered decreases in traffic over the years.

Your content should be newsworthy and relevant to the audience of today. By writing on a trending topic, you’re more likely to climb up the Google rankings and pull people in. This is especially the case on social media.

6. Think of You

The author needs to endear themselves to the reader as well. It’s often a case of people reading a blog simply because of who’s writing it, rather than what’s being written. Put your own flavour into your writing. Don’t try to match a boring, drab corporate tone.

7. Go Outside

No matter how exciting you are as a writer, people will get bored of you. Produce some added flavour by bringing in a guest blogger. Get them to submit you a post and pick what you want to publish at your leisure. It also saves you a job writing something from scratch!

8. Engage Your Customers

Leave a question towards the end of your blog post and speak to your followers through the comments. This is going to make your blog look more popular, and therefore will encourage more people to speak. It’s a snowball effect!

If you keep getting the same questions from customers about your business or a product, write a blog about them. Use what customers are saying to inspire your next blog. This way you can guarantee your target audience is going to be interested.

9. Regular Posting

Keep giving people a reason to return by posting at least once a week. If you fail to post consistently, people are going to forget about you. This is also important for updating your social media feeds to keep people interested.

10. The Look Matters

Break up the monotony of the written word with some visuals. The visuals have to be relevant, however. Get into the habit of swapping everything over. Start with some conventional images, add some humour, post a comic, or opt for an Infographic. Add variety to everything!

Follow these tips and you will boost your business blog’s popularity in no time!

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