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Top 10 Careers for Artistic People

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An artist usually enjoys using words, art, drama or music in order to communicate, perform or express themselves. In other cases this is done through designing or creating something from scratch. An artist’s talents involve creativity, innovation and expression while the skills which are often associated with an artistic personality are speaking, writing, singing, playing and dancing.

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If you are an artist you can find out what kind of career might suit you:

#1 Architect

 Being an architect requires having excellent drafting and designing skills and great attention to detail. A successful architect possesses high levels of imagination, creativity and vision. As an architect you will develop your artistic personality through drawing up documents for various projects and producing detailed plans for your clients.

#2 Writer

Apart from being able to write well without spelling or grammar mistakes, a writer needs to be able to convey imagination and creativity through their words. A writer’s strength is measured by his ability to express his own feelings through the written word and to emotionally touch their readers. If you are interested in being a writer there are a range professions that practice writing such as being a freelance professional author, journalist or screenwriter.

#3 Illustrator

An illustrator uses his creative skills to draw or design a story, message or an idea.  Although an illustrator’s work is mainly freelance, as an illustrator you will have a range of career development options to explore. You could be working on projects within an editorial team for a magazine, in advertising creating posters or multimedia designing animations, websites or video games.

#4 Musician

Being a musician is all about being expression and demonstrating creativity through improvising music. Whether you are a singer or a guitar player you are able to convey your own unique musical abilities and musicality in your playing. As a musician you could work professionally as a composer, session musician, music therapist or a choir/orchestra conductor.

#5 Fashion Designer

As a fashion designer you are called to demonstrate your imagination through designing and mixing a variety of textile materials together. Fashion designers use their artistic skills to produce outfits for a range of purposes. The main areas of work for fashion designers are high street fashion, ready-to-wear or haute couture.

#6 Dancer

A successful dancer needs to show evidence of creativity and resilience, motivation and discipline. As artistic individuals, they are able to convey a message and express their feelings through dancing. Dancers usually perform in front of a live audience, on television, in a film or video.

#7 Art Therapist


Art therapists use visual art media to help people confront difficult emotions and develop awareness and self-development. An art therapist has an artistic personality because they are expressing themselves through art and encourage their clients to do the same in order to build confidence. They work in a variety of settings including hospitals, private clinics, prisons, special and mainstream education.

#8 Make-up Artist

A professional make-up artist should be creative and artistic and enjoy experimenting with ideas, different colors and materials.  Their work also requires a lot of imagination in order to achieve the desired make-up effect.

#9 Advertiser

An advertiser’s work involves creating original and engaging content for advertisements through a range of formats. If you would like to be an advertiser you have several career options you can choose from because you could work in areas such as brand management, direct marketing, event management, marketing communications which includes online marketing and social media, public relations and sales promotion.

#10 Photographer

A photographer uses his artistic skills to capture the perfect snapshot and puts his imagination into practice. In order to be an excellent photographer you will need an attention to detail, good editing skills and creativity.

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