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WORKPLACE / MAR. 09, 2017
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20 Hilarious Workplace eCards to Send Your Coworkers

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As you have almost certainly heard before, laughter can be the best medicine. Laughing has several mental as well as physical benefits and, therefore, having a chuckle on a daily basis will help you release some stress accumulated throughout the working day.

If you are at work and need something to get your mind off your tasks for a bit and feel more energised to keep on being productive; have a look at these hilarious workplace eCards that will help you feel healthier and stay positive.

Someecards is a free online e-cards service created by Duncan Mitchell and Brook Lundy to make fun of the sentiments usually found in the traditional Hallmark greeting card.

The best thing is that you can share all these with your favourite coworkers and have a laugh together (giving side looks when an eCard describes your annoying boss perfectly).

Here are the 20 funniest at work eCards to share with your coworkers during lunch time and make those dreadful days a little more pleasant.

Hopefully, they’ll brighten up your day. Enjoy!

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20. I don't work on Fridays

i don't work on fridays


…don’t we all?

19. You've Been Promoted

you are getting promoted


And since you’re already doing this job, you can’t ask for a raise, too.

18. I Don't Work Well with Others

i work well with others


It’s all about teamwork!

17. I Hide My Alcohol in My Desk

i hide my alcohol


Have a glass of wine before and after meetings to drown your sorrows.

16. I'm Always Perfectly Late

late for work


If you’re 30 minutes late to work every day, does it still count as being late?

15. How to Look Busy at Work

deciding what to get for lunch


It is one of the toughest decisions. In the afternoon you spend the same amount of hours deciding what to get for dinner, too.

14. Your Office Crush

office crush is the vending machine


Everyone has an office crush; this one is much more rewarding.

13. Fridges are Unoffical Office Notice Boards

office fridge contents


The fridge is the new notice board of the office, especially when coworkers are stealing food.

12. I Love Wine

i like wine


All employees need to have these meetings on a daily basis to increase productivity and boost morale.

11. Eating Alone is Bliss

i like eating alone


I am not a misanthrope, but eating alone in silence without any annoying co-workers interrupting your lunch break is a great accomplishment.

10. Drinking with Coworkers

drinking after work


Spoiler: you both hate everyone, including each other.

9. Hard Work is Never Appreciated

no one appreciates your work


No one cares if you’re accomplishing a lot at work. If you have one tiny mishap everyone notices and shouts at you about it.

8. Pointless Meetings Are Mandatory

pointless meetings


Let’s have another two-hour long meeting about how time can be wasted during meetings.

7. Is it Friday Yet

the weekend is too short


And the weekend is always two days too short.

6. Follow Your Dreams

pursue your dreams


Everyone says to follow our dreams, so why not?

5. The Office is Too Quiet

office is too quiet


Can the others hear me too?

4. I Hate Everyone

i hate al my other coworkers


Oh don’t worry; I hate you too, just a bit less than the others.

3. We Get Blaed For Everything

i don't care what i did wrong


Why would anyone care when they get constantly blamed for everything at work?

2. Stress Makes Me Hungry

successful day


Work, stress, annoying coworkers and bad bosses make me hungry.

1. I Hate My Boss

i wish i could tell my boss I hate him


If only we could really say all the things we wanted to our bosses.

When you have a long and dreadful time in the office, make sure to share some of these eCards with your colleagues to lighten up the atmosphere and unwind from the stress of the day. The funniest thing is that all of the above eCards are 100% true and can fit in any workplace environment.

Which one is your favourite? Share your thoughts in the comments section below…

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This article was originally published in September 2013.

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