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Top 10 Embarrassing Interview Tales on Twitter


Everyone has an awkward interview experience to remember and hearing about other people’s embarrassing blunders can soothe the embarrassment that we feel about our own mistakes. I have compiled a list with the funniest, ill-fated interview anecdotes and scenarios based on people’s contributions on Twitter. So if you think that you have bombed your interview, these status updates show that things could have been far worse than you think.

#1. Tell them you are an appliCAN

Michael Spicer from Kent, London gives us a witty word of wisdom “Tell them you’re not an applicant, you are an appliCAN. Lick your finger, hold it against your buttock. Make a sizzling noise”.

#2. Don’t litter

Vanessa Van Demske, a copywriter in Oakland, highlights “The parking lot is still a fair territory. So don’t smoke, curse, litter, spit, or masturbate. Yes, I said litter”.

#3. What a coincidence!

Matt Buckland, a blogger and head of Talent and Recruitment for ForwardPrt in London, walked into the his job interview only to realise that the interviewer was the guy who pushed past him on the Tube and swore at him!

#4. Oops…I farted again!

I hope this will never happen to you. Cause these five words are capable of ruining your job interview. A Tweeter user called Conrad admitted the following “I’ll be honest, I farted”.

#5.  Blame it on the suit…

Tony Jackson reveals that he has attended 17 interviews and still hasn’t managed to land a job. He’s beginning to think that wearing his lucky tracksuit isn’t so lucky.

#6. Don’t ever dare to say that!

Jorgen Sundberg was once asked the common interview question “What’s your greatest weaknesses?” The candidate then specified “honesty” as his biggest weakness. The interviewer though didn’t think honesty was really a weakness. Then Sundburg left the interviewer astound saying “I don’t give a fuck what you think”.

#7. The epitome of procrastination

Ivan Atticus Foronda, was asked the same question. The interviewee replied to the interviewer saying the following: “My greatest weakness is I tend to procrastinate a lot. I’ll explain some other time”.

#8. They have dropped the charges, but you have missed a great opportunity

For Ross Teddy Craig, a comedy writer 5 words were enough to ruin his chances of getting hired! “Anyway, they dropped the charges”. Next time you go to an interview, don’t even mentioned that you were accused of anything unless you are asked to show a criminal record or say whether you have been convicted of anything.

#9. No, it’s definitely not an acceptable answer!

Laura Michaels says it right when saying “I guess at a job interview ‘firing you’ is not an acceptable answer when asked where I see myself in a few years”.

#10. WTF? Pigeons having a job interview!

Periwinkle Jones, says that we know nothing of job interviews “until we’ve seen a picture of a pigeon having a job interview to become a pigeon”. Well, I can’t wait to see how the interviewee will respond to the question “Why do you want to become a pigeon?”

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Well, as funny as these quotes and tales might be, you should learn from these outrageous mistakes and see how you will stand out from the crowd of equally competent candidates.

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