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Top 10 Excuses for Not Attending an Interview

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1. #10 Family Emergency
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“I can’t make it due to a family emergency.” The exact reason is left to the imagination; could be the hamster got out of the cage or great Aunt Tilda died.

Attending a job interview is one of the most important commitments in a person’s life. Career experts spend a great deal of effort and time highlighting the importance of being punctual and arriving on time so as to make a good first time impression.

Some people are organized, have confidence in themselves, the courage to do what is required and are committed to getting the best life possible. These people will usually come prepared in advance, wearing the proper interview attire and arriving at the interview with time to spare. Others though, will try to make every possible excuse to procrastinate attending the interview and wait until last moment to offer up an excuse.

Many of those belonging in the second category postpone an important possible life-changing interview because they fear the unknown and are reluctant to go outside the borders of their comfort zone. They tend to evade interviews as a way to relieve pressure, avoid responsibility and reduce the risk of failure.

What’s so remarkable though to observe, is the creativity that candidates put into the process of crafting excuses for not attending an interview. Explore the 10 of the most hilarious excuses recruiters have heard from candidates who put off their interview appointment..

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