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Top 10 Fastest Growing Customer Service Jobs

A successful customer service employee is an individual who is a “people person” and knows how to relate well to everyone. For an individual interested in working in the customer service industry, there is a wide array of employment positions to choose from. This article will discuss the top 10 fastest growing customer service jobs.

1. Customer Service Representative

These representatives work directly with customers and clients to ensure appropriate handling of customer service issues and questions. Representatives may deal with customers in person at a service desk, online through responding to emails and submitted forms or on the phone. Depending on the organizational setup of the company, the representative may be tasked to handle complaints, general customer assistance requests and assisting customers in making service choices. In recent years, employers have been requesting that these representatives have a bachelor’s degree. The average annual salary is $37,416.

2. Computer Support Specialist

A computer support specialist works in the information technology services to provide technical support and assistance regarding computer hardware and software issues. Many times these computer issues are handled over the phone as well as online through emails and chats and via remote access to the customer’s computer. Some technicians travel to the customer’s location. They need to listen to the customer’s concerns, analyze the problem and resolve the issue. Employers generally hire technicians with a degree in computer science or information technology. The average annual salary is $51,119.

3. Rental Clerk

Rental clerks are individuals working in specific departments or stores where products are rented. These individuals handle inquiries regarding availability of products, as well as costs. Items for rent may include videos, shop vacs, moving vans and other types of appliances and tools. These rental clerks need to completely understand the variety of products for rent and the rental policies. The average annual salary is $28,784.

4. Retail Salesperson

A retail salesperson is employed in various types of stores at malls to those working at hardware stores like Home Depot. They handle check out of items as well as assisting customers in finding the products they’re looking to purchase. Most employers require that a retail salesperson has a high school diploma. However, sometimes high school students are hired, without having yet completed their four years of study. The average annual salary is $32,179.

5. Food & Beverage Server

A food & beverage server usually finds employment as a waiter, waitress or bartender. Many employers seek out individuals with previous work experience in the industry. However, most times there is on the job training. One benefit of this type of position is the flexible schedules. Many times these servers need to work nights and weekends. The average annual salary is $21,560 for a bartender and $18,041 for a waiter or waitress.

6. Hairstylist

The majority of hairstylist positions are reserved for individuals with training and previous work experience. Most employers require that individuals applying for these positions have a license from an accredited cosmetology school. The basic skills needed are haircutting, styling, straightening, as well as coloring and highlighting. The average annual salary is $26,123.

7. Esthetician

An esthetician is a skin care specialist who usually works at a spa or hair salon. These individuals also provide facials, full-body treatments, hair removal services and sometimes massages. Similarly to hairstylists, these individuals need to have previous training from an accredited cosmetology school. The average annual salary is $26,308.

8. Fitness Worker

Fitness workers such as personal trainers and Pilates, yoga and aerobics instructors are considered customer service employees. They provide a professional service directly to the customers at gyms, fitness centers and sometimes in a client’s home. Generally, individuals with degrees in fitness related fields seek out jobs in these areas of expertise. In addition to working one on one with clients, these individuals may also lead classes or provide formal training. The average annual salary is $38,955.

9. Flight Attendant

A flight attendant works in the airline industry to provide customer service to passengers as well as make certain that proper safety regulations are followed. They also assist in making sure that customers experience as comfortable a flight as possible. These individuals usually have to work holidays and weekend shifts. Generally, a high school diploma is the only educational requirement. However, many employers seek individuals with some height advantage to be able reach into overhead bins. The average annual salary is $26,241.

10. Gaming Dealer

Gaming dealers work in the casino industry by dealing cards at game tables to customers. These individuals also determine the winners and collect on losing bets. The majority of casinos provide training and options for employees to receive certification. The average annual salary is $47,909.

As detailed in this article, there are many types of jobs available in the customer service field.

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