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Top 10 Fastest Growing Engineering Jobs In The UK

The engineering sector is a pretty broad church when it comes to career opportunities and it’s a rapidly developing industry. Here are ten of the most dynamic growth-area engineering jobs that you might want to consider.

#1 Biomedical engineer

With an average salary of around £54,000 per annum, and a faster than average growth rate of 27%, biomedical engineering is a great field to get into. The job involves analysing data and designing solutions within the fields of medicine and biology with an end goal of providing better patient care.

You could work in a research lab, hospital or university. To get into this field, you’d need a graduate degree in biomedical engineering to begin with then your training would take place on-the-job.

#2 Environmental engineer

Environmental engineers work in a variety of niches; air pollution, water control, waste disposal etc, often in collaboration with planners and other engineers. A degree in environmental science is useful to get into this career, although, work experience is just as important as academic achievement.

Your work would involve using engineering, biology, soil science and chemistry to create solutions for environmental issues. The average salary for an environmental engineer is around £50,000 per annum.

#3 Civil engineer

Civil engineers work on the design and construction of major infrastructure projects; bridges, roads, tunnels and the like. Your time would be split between construction sites and your company’s offices.

To get into this field you’d need a bachelor’s degree as a minimum qualification and most employers expect a more advanced degree for senior positions. Salary-wise, you could expect to earn an average of around £50,000 per annum.

#4 Petroleum engineer

The petrochemical field is a massive growth area. As a petroleum engineer, you could expect to earn around £80,000 per annum which is a great income, considering you ‘only’ need a bachelor’s degree and some relevant work experience to get into this job.

Your work would involve designing and building systems to extract oil and gas. You would be primarily office or lab-based, although some of your work would entail visiting drilling sites.

#5 Nuclear engineer

Your role as a nuclear engineer would involve researching and developing systems and instruments in order to maximise nuclear energy. You could also be involved in maintaining existing nuclear facilities and building new ones. Some of your work may also be applied to medical and diagnostic systems.

This is a well-paid role with an average salary of around £70,000 per annum. To get into this job you’d need at least a foundation degree in a relevant subject.

#6 Sales engineer

Sales engineers sell technology and scientific equipment to businesses and hospitals. You’ll work both out on the road visiting customers and in your company’s office. To get into this job you will need a bachelor’s degree and relevant experience in the sector you will be selling to.

Although this can be exciting work in a dynamic environment, it can also be stressful as much of the remuneration is commission-based. If you’re a good communicator with an aptitude for sales, you could earn an average of £65,000 per annum.

#7 Computer engineer

This is a great career if you’re into technology. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree and experience with a wide variety of systems and software to get into this career and you’ll be expected to continue self-education with the latest technological advances throughout your career.

Your role as a computer engineer would involve developing and maintaining computer systems across virtually every field of industry. You could expect to earn an average salary of around £40,000 per annum, although this could rise considerably with experience.

#8 Aerospace engineer

As an aerospace engineer, your work would involve building and maintaining aircraft. You might also work on space vehicles and satellites. To get into this career you’ll need a HND, a degree or a postgraduate award in a relevant engineering subject.

Although your starting salary would be modest at around £25,000 per annum, with experience you could expect to earn around £65,000 as a project leader or manager.

#9 Electrical engineer

As an electrical engineer you’d be responsible for building and designing electrical systems, equipment and machinery. There’s work available in this field across a wide variety of industry and much of your time would be spent working on-site.

This is a growing area and you could expect to earn up to £45,000 as a successful, qualified chartered engineer. To get into this career you’ll need a foundation degree, HND or degree in a relevant subject – electrical engineering or building services engineering, for example.

#10 Broadcast engineers

This is a great career to get into if you’re interested in radio and television. Your role would entail making sure that programmes are broadcast to the highest quality and that they are shown to the correct schedule. With so many channels available these days and more on the way, it’s a growth area that you might want to consider.

The usual entrance route into this career is via an entrant training scheme that most broadcasting companies operate. To be considered, you’d need a HND, BTEC or degree in electronic, electrical or broadcast engineering. Once fully qualified and experienced, you could expect to earn around £40,000 per annum.

Engineering is a wonderfully diverse field to enter and it’s a rapidly growing one too. If you have good practical and technical skills and an interest in the sciences and mathematics, this could be the perfect career for you.

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