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FOOD & FITNESS / OCT. 01, 2014
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Top 10 Food Temptations and How to Beat Them

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1. Salad Bars
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When deciding to eat out for lunch, the majority of us will have the best intentions and choose a tasty, looking salad. Having a plate full of vegetables is obviously a great choice, however, it’s what you decide to have with your veggies that can actually turn your would be healthy lunch into a plate full of fat or sugar. Want Some Advice? Replace those croutons for almonds or sunflower seeds that are packed full of protein and healthy fats. As for the dressing, avoid anything that says ‘fat-free’ as it will be loaded with sugar. Instead, opt for some avocado or olive oil to drizzle over your salad for a much healthier dish.

Choosing what to eat for lunch at work and which snacks to take to get you through the day, can be quite a difficult task when you’re trying to lose weight or even just sticking to a healthy eating regime. More often than not, temptations are put in our way to throw us off track, especially when we’re surrounded by those colleagues who are not on a diet, whether it be in the office, going out for lunch, or during office social events. Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve fallen off the wagon and given into those delicious sweet treats that have been offered around; we’ve all been there. But how do you pick yourself back up after this lapse and choose what to do and what not to do? Well here are the top 10 traps we all fall for and some genius little ways of avoiding them.

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