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Top 10 Funny CV Misspellings

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1. 10. Shorty
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"Hope to hear from you, shorty"

CV mistakes of all kinds are ubiquitous; with some of them being trivial and others more important. But damn it! What happens when your editing mind overlooks common mistakes that make your CV seem ridiculous? When applying for a job and sending your CV out to employers, there are usually no second chances. With 61% of employers admitting that the first thing that puts them off an applicant is spotting a typo, making a silly spelling mistake would at best make the person reading your CV burst into laughter and at worst, have your CV rejected.

Remember that your CV is the most important document for you to market yourself to important decision makers, so don’t let the stress and anxiety coming from searching for a job, continuous interview preparation or career change undermine your chances of success.

Even if you have read your CV 100 times, there is always a chance that you have probably missed a word, a letter or misused a tense.  And you know what? You can’t always blame it on the keyboard! It’s up to you to verify that your text is free of any misspellings, typos, grammatical and syntactical errors. Take a break, and go over your CV again later. Alternatively, have someone else look at it because every eye catches something different.

Enjoy some of the most memorable jokes and humour-filled CV misspellings that recruiters came across when reviewing CVs.

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