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Top 10 Futuristic Jobs That Barely Exist – Inforgraphic

As technology and the world evolve, many of today’s lucrative and attractive jobs are becoming obsolete, while new careers are emerging every day, some of them promising to save the planet or take business to the next level. Interestingly enough, 60% of the best jobs of the future already exist, claims Thomas Frey, senior futurist at the DaVinci Institute.  

Kaplan Business School has an engaging take on those jobs that are on the horizon and will most likely become trending in the next decades. So what kind of jobs will prevail in the future?  Explore job titles that do not exist now or have only be invented recently in this amazingly engaging infographic posted on the site.

Job title

Pay Package

Job Description

Carbon accountant


Developing carbon inventories, conducting carbon audits and accounting for the costs of carbon offset trading into business strategy.

Sustainability officer


Overseeing a company’s carbon activities and implementing strategies to shrink it across the entire scope of operations

Big Data analyst


Analyzing data to give them a competitive advantage

Web user experience manager


Analyze and improve on customers’ online experience, aiming to attract and keep  traffic.

Social media manager


Engage and connect with company’s online communities

Avatar telework manager


Manage the new global workforce

Alternative currency speculator


Analyse and predict the factors  that make virtual currency move

Crowdfunding specialist


Guiding new ventures along

Privacy consultant


Protect companies andemployees online and offline by testing and reducing vulnerabilities.

Space pilots and tour guides


Contribute to space tourism and enable the habitation of space and other planets.

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