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Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions

As one of the most popular Internet browsers, Chrome is a powerful way to browse, shop and do anything else you need online. More importantly, though, Chrome has an insane amount of apps and extensions available to users. The most reliable place to obtain these from is Chrome’s own web store. The shop is chalked full of useful extensions, but which ones are among the top ten?

#1 Dragdis


Image: vikitech

Dragdis is a simple sharing tool that allows you to either save content for later reading or share it with colleagues. After signing in with a social media account, Dragdis is completely free to use. You can create personalized folders that organize the content you want to save for later—articles, images, videos, anything. You can also add tags and descriptions to make your saved content easier to sort through.

#2 Adblock


Image via geek.com.

Adblock is one of the more popular extensions browser-wide, and it completely eliminates advertisements on any given page. It can even block video advertisements embedded in online streams. If an ad somehow makes it through Adblock, you can open the extension and click the ad to block it.

#3 Ghostery


Image via blog.securitee.org.

If you’re more concerned about third-party tracking and behavioral tracking, Ghostery is one way to prevent trackers from watching what you do. It protects your personal information from trackers and advertisers while disallowing third-party applications to communicate with their parent companies.  

#4 Checker Plus for Gmail



Image: jasonsavard

I always keep my inbox open—but I’m rarely ever on the tab for my inbox, actively looking at it. Instead, with this extension, I get desktop notifications of when an email arrives so that I can respond in a timely manner, and I won’t miss important work updates or reports. If you find yourself living in your inbox when online, Checker Plus for Gmail is a great tool for keeping up with email.

#5 Tabcloud


Image via chrome.google.com.

If you work on a computer for most of the day, chances are your tabs can get out of control pretty quickly. Tabcloud allows you to organize and keep all of your open tabs in one place without having constant browser clutter.

#6 Buffer

Image via muddywall.com.

Buffer is a wonderful tool for social media freaks. By connecting it to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, sharing has never been easier. Simply click the Buffer button in your browser to set up content for sharing. Edit the post right away and schedule it for later without ever having to navigate away from the page you’re on.

#7 Streamus

Image courtesy of mychromebook.fr.

If you work to music like I do, you probably have YouTube open quite frequently. Streamus is a great way to play YouTube videos in the background without having to fish around the site for a manual search. Simply hit the Tab button, then type the song or artist name into the URL bar. Hitting Enter will then open the chosen video in the background.

#8 Hola Better Internet


Image via chrome.google.com.

If you’re travelling and can’t get access to some of your favorite services like Netflix and Hulu, Hola Better Internet takes the guess work out of breaking out of geographical firewalls. By just installing the addon and granting permissions, you can easily access your favorite sites without having to fuss with manual settings.

#9 I’m a Gentleman

Image via chrome.google.com.

If you write content or do a lot of creative work online, chances are you work with images a great deal. It can be a hassle to manually go through and download each image you need—which is where I’m a Gentleman steps in. By simply holding the Alt key and clicking the image, or clicking and dragging it to one side, the download will automatically start.

#10 Honey

Image via joinhoney.com.

Do a lot of online shopping? We know for sure that there are oodles and oodles of coupons lingering in cyberspace, just waiting to be applied to your purchase. But rather than spend an insane amount of time searching for them manually, Honey allows you to find available coupons for each retail site you visit. With some bigger sites like Amazon, Honey will automatically try to apply any applicable discounts to your cart.

Using these east-to-install apps with chrome can make you even more productive than you already were. Just make sure you don’t install too many or you might actually slow down the browser and become less productive.


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