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Top 10 Great Gadget Gifts for Your Favorite Nerd

You want to treat the favorite nerd in your life with face-meltingly cool gift. As a nerd myself, I think I might actually be able to help you here. Take a look at my 10 hand picked gadget gifts for your favorite nerd.

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#1 Sphero Ollie

This Mutli-surface RC controlled (via smartphone) robot will make any nerd swoon. Even adults just want to play and the Sphero Ollie will do exactly that plus jump, flip, drift and zip away! Your fun filled afternoons start here.

#2 Keys-to-go

This is an amazing add-on wireless keyboard for your favorite mobile device. It’s super compact ultra-light and did I mention its klutz-proof.  Go ahead spill as many energy drinks on it as you please, it will still work. Check it out here

#3 Brainy Bike lights

Does your favorite nerd dangerously zip in and out of the urban grid-lock? Does he do it on two wheels? Would you like to hack drivers’ brains to keep your nerd safe? Well then this would be a gift for you and your favorite nerd. The Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford (impressive and so posh) has proven that drivers are safer around cyclist when presented with this symbol. I strongly recommend you read the entire descriptionit’s fascinating!

#4 The Wallet Titan

Us nerds go into convulsive fits when we run out of juice on our favorite device. None of our significant others have accepted that and just hold strong until a wall outlet is found. Not anymore! The Wallet Titan is card sized power source that will keep your favorite nerd convulsion free!

#5 Collar Stays multitool

You know those stupid little pointed pieces of plastic in new shirts? Well I just found out you’re supposed to keep them, they make your collar stand up! I think I’ll throw the dumb little plastic ones away and upgrade to these titanium ones that double as a screwdriver, bottle opener and thread cutter.

#6 Selfieshutter

If your nerd is of the photographic variety, this gift will make them squeal like a little kid on Christmas morning. This nifty little gadget is a remote shutter button for your phone camera. It has a 10 meter range so you can take a selfie of yourself without missing your majestic surroundings!


#7 The Moon watch

Do you have an astro-nerd that’s special to you? Then this moon watch is perfect for them. It features a telescopic view of the moon’s cratered surface, and at night can be illuminated like its real world (solar system) counterpart.

#8 Tiltpod

A pocket-sized iPhone tripod that will make sure that every group photo you take from now on will be a selfie too! It’s not just for photos, next time your jet-setting nerd can use it to prop up his phone to speak to you using your favorite video chat app!

#9 Connector Pen

A touch-screen stylus that hides a smartphone & tablet charger cord? No, this is not the future it’s now! It also doubles as a ball point pen just in case you’re around a medieval printing press and the only thing you have to write on is paper.

#10 Readycase

This is an iPhone case that features a metal mutli-tool, a usb memory stick that doubles as a kick-stand and the capability to accept three different lenses including Macro, Wide and Fisheye. If there isn’t an app to solve your problem maybe Readycase can.

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If you haven’t found the gift that fits your nerd you might want to put them on slimfast, ’cause this list is phat! Do people even talk like that anymore? Anyway leave your comments below!

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