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Top 10 Highest Paid CEOs in the US 2015


CEOs in the U.S are reportedly paid more than CEOs anywhere else in the world. It is not uncommon for CEOs to bring home pay checks of several million dollars, with yearly bonuses increasing their average annual take home pay considerably. According to an article published by, ‘a study by the Economic Policy Institute found that CEOs get paid 273 times more than the average employee’ [2012].

So let’s take a look at the highest paid CEOs in the U.S 2015. Please note that some of the compensation data is from 2013 were more recent data could not be sourced.

All compensation data and ranking order is taken from businessinsider and ceoworld.

#1 Charif Souki

Position: Chairman, President and CEO
Company: Cheniere Energy
Compensation: $141,949,280
Bio: Souki has a banking background with emphasis on the investment, banking, oil and gas industries. He co-founded Cheniere Energy and became the CEO in December 2002.

#2 John S.Chen

Position: Chairman and CEO
Company: Blackberry
Compensation: $85,800,000
Bio: Born in 1955, Chen holds the position of CEO at Blackberry but he is also a director of Wells Fargo & Company and Walt Disney. He was born in Hong Kong before relocating with his family to the U.S. at an early age.

#3 Mario J. Gabelli

Position: Chairman, Chief Investment Officer and CEO
Company: GAMCO Investors
Compensation: $85,049,800
Bio: Born in 1942, Gabelli is the founder and CEO of GAMCO (Gabelli Asset Management Company Investors) which is valued at $30 billion. Gabelli’s experience is based on being a stock investor and financial analyst prior to founding GAMCO.

#4 Satya Nadella

Position: CEO
Company: Microsoft
Compensation: $84,300,000
Bio: Born in 1967, Nadella is an industry influencer and thought leader in his field. As the CEO of software giant, Microsoft he is considered to be a highly respected and intelligent businessman. He also has a B.E, M.S and an M.B.A from the Manipal Institute of Technology, the University of Wisconsin, and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, respectively.

#5 Rasmus Norling

Position: CEO, Chairman and CTO
Company: Poly Shield Technologies Inc.
Compensation: $81,800,00
Bio: Rasmus Norling was appointed as Chief Executive Officer and active Director of Poly Shield Technologies in February 2013 and as such, has made it into the ’Top 10 highest paid CEOs in America’ list. With his background in environmental and pollution emissions solutions, he holds the right experience and knowledge to lead the research, development and marketing company.

#6 Jay N. Levine

Position: CEO and President
Company: Springleaf Holdings
Compensation: $78,700,000
Bio: With over 25 years of financial services experience, Levine heads up the finance firm Spingleaf since his appointment in 2011.

#7 Lawrence J. Ellison

Position: CEO
Company: Oracle
Compensation: $78,440,657
Bio: Born in 1944, Lawrence (also known as Larry) is more than just the CEO of Oracle, he is a talented programmer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has signed the Giving Pledge agreement and has donated up to 1% of his money to charity already.

#8 Elon Musk

Position: Chairman and CEO
Company: Tesla Motors
Compensation: $78,200,000
Bio: Elon Musk (born 1971) co-founded Tesla Motors, and currently holds the position of CEO. He is a respected engineer, investor, entrepreneur and inventor, and is also the co-founder of PayPal.

#9 Tom L. Ward

Position: Chairman and CEO
Company: Tapstone Energy
Compensation: $71, 119, 765
Bio: Tom Ward is a well-known and respected businessman, philanthropist and industry influencer in Oklahoma City. He previously held the position of CEO of SandRidge Energy and is currently the Chairman of Tapstone Energy in Oklahoma.

#10 Leslie Moonves

Position: CEO and President
Company: CBS Corporation
Compensation: $66,900,000
Bio: Moonves (born 1949) is the current CEO of giant media company CBS Corp. and has held this position since his appointment in 2006. Moonves once served as the president of Warner Bros. Television prior to his position of COO at Viacom and his eventual move to CBS.

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These CEOs have it good; they make an incredible amount of money on an annual basis, and with these positions of power come many other benefits. If you are working for a large company that turns over a healthy profit, start thinking now how you could make it as the company’s next CEO!

Please note that the ranking for this list was taken from multiple sources due to differences in compensation based data for each CEO. This ranking is as true to form as possible with the compensation data deriving from 2013,2014 and 2015 available statistics. 

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