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Top 10 Hilarious At-Work Stories: Ridiculously Fired

We all have some pretty good stories about the workplace. But these individuals really take the cake when it comes to getting fired.

10. Religion

A Catholic school fired a science teacher for not being Catholic. Once she was outted, she was terminated from the school. 

9. Tattoos

A woman was once fired from her job because she had tattoos--but not where anyone could see them. After catching her out on her day off, her boss spotted a shoulder tattoo and fired her on the spot. Even though her boss thought she was an incredibly hard worker and loved her, tattoos just "sent the wrong message to clients." Best part: it was a call center.

8. Donuts

After working for a local community organization, one woman found herself dutied with the daily donut trip--a morning routine that had been kept alive by workers all summer. Supervisors would take turns running to the building next door to grab a box of donuts. When the woman dashed next door, the new department chair called an impromptu farewell meeting that she inevitably missed. Upon her return, she was fired.

The director later apologized for her firing, stating that even he thought the chair was an ass.

7. Standards

A bartender in Scotland was fired for turning down a rather uncharming advance; a customer asked her if she was interested in a "wee shag" after her shift. When she turned him down, her boss told her that even though she was a good bartender, she wasn’t right for his bar. She, of course, agreed.

6. Communication

After applying for a job in high school at a local pizza place, one man had a short conversation with the owner; only problem was the owner never extended an offer or talked about when he would start. Figuring the boss would call when he was interested, the man waited a week to hear back from him. When the call finally did arrive, it was the owner calling to fire the employee he’d never actually hired.

5. Haters

Every now and then, a story from the other side comes out; this one in particular features a bitter co-worker who aimed a little revenge at his boss.

The employee in question was moved to another department after the feud, but his boss began receiving calls in which she would be asked to do strange and perverted sexual favors. When she asked where the number had come from, one caller said that a guy had given it to him at a strip club. The boss’s husband went to the joint in question and asked the bartender where the referral had come from; the number had been written on the back of the employee’s business card and distributed to the strip bar attendees. The employee denied everything until he saw the business card.

4. The Wife

A married mother worked as a dental assistant for more than a decade when her boss gave her the pink slip--for apparently being "too sexy for him to resist. At his wife’s insistence, he fired her. The woman went to court to sue over wrongful termination, but the court actually upheld the firing, confirming that she actually was too sexy for her job.

3. Orange

14 people from a Florida law firm were fired for wearing the color orange; as was tradition, the employees wore orange on certain days in order to show solidarity when they went out for happy hour after work. New management somehow perceived it as an insult. They believed that because so many employees were wearing orange that it must be a protest of some sort, despite the fact that this tradition existed long before the new management entered the picture.

2. Gangnam Style

Several life guards in California were fired for creating a Gangnam Style parody called Lifeguard Style; 14 lifeguards were fired because they were wearing city-issued swimsuits during the video even though the lifeguards filmed the entire video after hours, and just for fun. They were reinstated a month later.


1. Fired 50 years later

A man in Des Moines was fired from his Wells Fargo position after it was discovered that he had used a cardboard cut-out of a dime in order to use a washing machine in 1963. Thanks to new federal banking laws, anyone convicted of a crime involving dishonesty or money laundering must be terminated.


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