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Top 10 Important Things you Must Do Before you Graduate


The college experience is a VERY important part of your life. College is the time when you can do stupid things without having to pay too steep a price for your actions. When you graduate and get a job, that’s when you need to start being careful. In college, you can get those things out of your system.

However, here are 10 things you MUST do before you graduate from College:

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Go Streaking on Campus

Dozens of colleges have a tradition of streaking, and it is just something you have to get out of your system before going out into the world. The worst that will happen is you get reprimanded, whereas out in the real world, you can get thrown in jail for indecent exposure.

Get Pissed Drunk

If you’re old enough to drink, you’re old enough to learn the consequences of drinking too much. One wicked hangover, and you’ll likely never overdrink again!

Crash a Party

Showing up invited to campus parties is the norm, but doing so in real life may not be as widely accepted. Crashing parties is a great way to make new friends, and you can expand your social circles by slipping into parties uninvited.

Rock out that Student Discount

Your student discount is good in just about every establishment around the country, so it’s time to take advantage of those cheaper prices. Once you graduate, you’ll find that the cost of living--and enjoying life--rises SHARPLY!

Audit a Class you Don’t Really Need to Take

Sometimes it can be fun to sit in on a class that interests you, even if it’s not necessary for you to obtain those extra credits. Who knows, you may actually find that you are fascinated by the subject, enough so that you may consider obtaining a degree in that particular field. It’s a great way to find things that interest you.

Join Clubs

Joining clubs as an adult usually has a price, but students are encouraged to join clubs. Not only will you expand your network in these clubs, but you may actually be able to gain experience, increase your chances of getting a job, and make real friends.


It may sound a bit cliché, but it’s the right of youth to protest the actions of their elders. If you find something that you don’t agree with, put on that hat of youthful zeal and protest it! You can get it out of your system now, and it won’t affect your career--or livelihood--later on in life.

Fool Around in all Sorts of Crazy Places

Having a college boyfriend or girlfriend can be exciting, and you can make every day on campus an adventure by making out and fooling around in the library, behind the bleachers, in the janitor’s closet, and anywhere else you can think of. Once you settle down and get married, you’ll find it’s much harder to be spontaneous like this.

Do a Bar Crawl

This is totally a college student tradition, and one you and your buddies MUST do at least once before you graduate. Chances are, your college has a bar crawl route already laid out, complete with drinking challenges and prizes for those lucky few that can complete the crawl.

Spend Spring Break Travelling

You’re in college, the last years of your life when you can travel or enjoy life on your parents’ dime! Spring break may be your final moment of freedom before graduation and getting a job, so make the most of it!

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What do you think are the most important things to do before you graduate? Leave a comment with anything we’re missing from this list!

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