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Top 10 Job Scams Job Seekers Need to Watch Out For

A job scam usually comes in the form of a fake employment listing where a scammer is trying to get a hold of your credit card or bank details and use these to access your accounts and steal your money. Here are 10 scams you should watch out for if you’re currently on the hunt for na new job.

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1. Bait and Switch Scam

This is a scam where the job description isn’t entirely false, but it can fool you into thinking you’re applying for a different type of position than you actually are. Most of the time jobs that are at the bottom of the chain will have this type of ad to make you believe you are applying for a higher position. If the description contains phrases like "will give you the opportunity to build a portfolio with one of the world’s leading brands", you can bet you’re not going to be starting on the 20th floor.

2. Trial Employment Scam

This scam doesn’t become obvious until you have initially applied for the job. After applying you will receive a message from the scammer saying that you have been selected to go through a trial period. Despite only being a trial period they will then ask you to fill out a contract that asks for bank details.

3. Online Training Scam

After you have applied for a job, you may get an email informing you the position has been filled. They will then off you another position that is available, but they will say you are not qualified for it. You can, however, pay to complete some online training to become qualified.

4. Pay For Background Check Scam

For this scam, the advertisement will say a position has opened up, and an over-the-phone interview will be needed to apply. The ad will also say you will need to pay for them to conduct a background check on you. This is done by handing over your money to the ’company’ to pay for a pre-paid Visa debit card.

5. Pay For Training Material Scams

When you apply for a position the scammer will tell you they are going to give you some software that will allow you to work from home. However, instead of you sending a package with the software they will send you a cashier’s check. They will tell you to deposit the check, withdraw the amount and then send the money to them so you can receive the ’training materials’.

6. Deposit Before Interview

After applying you will be offered the position via email and told that your payment will be made via Direct Deposit through the company’s bank. You will then be directed to a website to sign up and give your account details before you’re able to go to an interview.

7. Pay Software/Program Scam

When applying for a job, the company may ask you to set up some type of account, such as a Skype account, for the interview. They will then explain you need to buy some programs in advance which they will reimburse you for later.

8. "Found Your Resume" Scam

A big sign of a scam is when you receive an email telling you a company has come across your resume online and they have a job they want to offer you on the spot or want to interview you for. They may also say that they are currently interviewing finalists for the job, and you are one of them.

9. You Immediately Receive the Job

If you apply for a job, have a quick online or phone interview and then are almost immediately contacted  to be told you have the job, 9 times out of 10 it’s probably too good to be true.

10. Things Just Don't Add Up

As well as the above scams, there are a few other things you should look out for when applying for work online. If you’re getting emails at 2 in the morning and generally getting contacted at odd hours. If you notice a few typos in the job ad and if it requires no experience for a position that usually would, be wary.

The Internet has made it easier than ever for people to search for jobs from the comfort of their own home. Unfortunately, it’s also opened up a new opportunity for scammers, so be wary when applying online.

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Have you ever fallen victim to one of the job scams mentioned above? What happened?

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