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Top 10 Jobs That Scare American Workers the Most

When collecting data to create a list that compares various occupations, most topics usually refer to the highest paying jobs or career paths with the best longevity.

However, CareerBuilder has decided to look at this with a totally different perspective.

A new study by the online career site has determined that the majority of American workers are petrified by public speaking jobs. More specifically, anything that that has to do with being a Politician—and you can throw stand-up comedy in there too. 

Other fears include working at some of the most interactive jobs on the planet, like as a schoolteacher or animal trainer.

After teaming up with Harris Poll, CareerBuilder surveyed over 3,000 people working in different industries across the U.S. 

The poll, which took place between August and September, gave participants a chance to either select the jobs that they feared the most or to submit their own.

CareerBuilder decided to take the respondents’ answers and illustrate some of the most fearful occupations, including the hourly wage and population-count within each industry.

While most of the salary data is provided by Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI), the career website pulled information related to political work from the House Press Gallery.

Check out below the top 10 jobs that scare most American workers:


1. Politician

Median hourly pay: $9.89

The survey determined that most people fear being a politician because of rejection from the public. Being accountable for a massive number of people may be one of the biggest responsibilities given to man. Although there are quite a lot of politicians and representatives (56,857 to be exact) taking on such a fearful task, this job just doesn’t sit well with most people.


2. Microbiologist for Infectious Diseases

Median hourly pay: $32.61

If I were a microbiologist, I too would be terrified of this job, especially during a time when Ebola is causing nationalized terror. However, that $32.61 wage looks very enticing to my bank account. I guess it doesn’t really matter though because according to the responses, people are more concern with mistakenly leaving their hazmat suit at home and contracting diseases or germs. Those 20,800 American microbiologists must be rather brave.


3. Security Guard at Teen Pop Idol Concert

Median hourly pay: $11.62 

Over 1 million people work as a security guard in the U.S. I used to think that security work was absolutely nerve-racking, especially at night. So, I can’t blame anyone who wouldn’t want to work as a security guard at a concert full of screaming teens. You’re just asking to get trampled over by a group of obsessed fans who are aching to get closer to their idol.


4. Kindergarten Teacher

Median hourly pay: $24.12 

There are 158,084 non-special education kindergarten teachers in the U.S. I salute them because they have to deal with the hustle and bustle that comes with teaching kids. Most surveyors said that they couldn’t imagine working with school children because of temper tantrums and germs; but most of all, the responsibility of mentoring and preparing the youth for success.


5. Crime Scene Investigator

Median hourly pay: $35.75 

People aren’t too fond of getting into criminal work, specifically crime scene investigation. The poll tallied over 128,000 working detectives, forensic scientists, and investigators in the field. Most respondents say that the job wasn’t appealing because of the gore usually associated with crime scene investigations. Also, they don’t believe it’s anything like how TV portrays it to be.


6. Animal Trainer

Median hourly pay: $12.03 

Most people are scared of working with animals because of unpredictabe outcomes that may ensue. To most people, being an animal trainer sounds dangerous, even for the 32,360 people who actually do it for a living. Those who fear this job are mostly concerned with possible animal attacks and allergy flare-ups.


7. Mortician

Median hourly pay: $22.83 

More than 27,000 jobs as an undertaker, mortician, or funeral director are available in the funeral industry. This is a very booming business obviously, and something that will always be needed. Surveyors say, however, that dead bodies freak them out. I’m sure the mere thought of carrying or cleaning a motionless person does for most people. Some can’t take the eerie silence that comes with being around the decease while others are just paranoid about zombie attacks.


8. Radio, Cellular and Tower Equipment Installers and Repairers

Median hourly pay: $21.59 

This definitely has to be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, so I can completely understand why people are afraid of being a radio or tower installer and repairer. The poll determined that people are mainly concerned with heights I’m personally more concerned with working with electricity being up that high. Although there are 16,213 jobs in the U.S., it doesn’t look like too many people want to fill in those spots.


9. Stand-Up Comedian

Median hourly pay: $16.89 

Not too many people want to lead a crowd with laughter or be the center of attention. According to the feedback received, public speaking is a frightful thing, and so it awkward silence when you’re a not-so-funny comedian. Yet, there are 37,272 jobs in the entertainment and performance, sports-related, and comedy industries combined.


10. Parent

Median hourly pay: Priceless

This is one of those unpaid jobs. The job of a parent is naturally done out of love and from the heart. However, it takes a lot of willpower, maturity, and responsibility to raise a child. The poll determined that most people are fearful of all the above—accountability, they’re child getting sick or bringing home germs, and temper tantrums. Yet, being a parent is a priceless job. 

It’s kind of bizarre that all of the job positions on the list are paid much more than what a politician earns hourly, which may also explain why most people are adamant about working as a legislator more than any other fearful occupation in America. 

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