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Top 10 Largest Employers in the World

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Who are the world’s largest employers?

Wall has compiled a table of the world’s largest employers using data from S&P Capital IQ. Employee count and company revenue were taken into account in measuring these leading companies. Here are the world’s largest employers:

1. Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

Number of employees: 2,200,000

Sector: Retail

Motto: “Save money. Live better”.


Founded in 1962 by Sam Walton and based in the US, Wal-Mart is officially the biggest employer in the world. Last year it recorded a staggering revenue of $476.3 billion. Over half of this figure accounts for employees in the US. Other significant markets are Mexico and the UK (through the ASDA chain).

2. G4S plc

Number of employees: 618,000

Sector: Security

Motto: “Securing your world”.


G4S is based in the UK. Its revenue last year was an impressive $12.3 billion. The company offers a range of services such as risk management solutions, manned security services and secure methods for the transportation of cash (source: G4S).

3. Randstad Holding NV

Total employees: 595,730

Sector: Human resources


Randstad Holding nv is a Dutch human resources company that’s based in Diemen,  the Netherlands. It is the world’s second largest provider of human resources services (the largest is Adecco; source Wikipedia). Randstad’s revenue last year was $22.8 billion.

4. Volkswagen AG

Total employees: 555.097

Sector: Manufacturing


Headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany, Volkswagen is one of the world’s most important car manufacturers. It is second only to Toyota in terms of the number of cars produced (source: Wikipedia). Last year its revenue was $271.3 billion.

5. PetroChina Co. Ltd

Number of employees: 544,083

Sector: Oil and gas


PetroChina is the principal producer of oil and gas in China. Petro China’s revenue last year was $68.2 billion.

6. Compass Group plc


Number of employees: 506,699

Sector: Food services and support services

Motto: “ great people, great service, great results”


A UK company, Compass Group’s core business is contract catering and facilities management.  Last year the company took an impressive $28.4 billion in revenue.

7. Agricultural Bank of China

Number of employees: 478,980

Sector: Banking


Despite the fact that the Agricultural Bank of China is publicly traded, the bank is State-owned. The bank’s revenue last year was $68.2 billion. In 2011 the bank was ranked fifth in a list of “Top 1000 World Banks” based on profit before tax, and in 2012 the bank’s issuer credit rating was A/A-1 based using Standard & Poor’s classification. (source: ABChina)

8. ISS

Number of employees: 464,184

Sector: Diversified services


Based in Denmark, ISS is the world’s largest facilities services provider. It also provides cleaning services, property services and catering services. Last year its revenue was $14.5 billion.

9. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd

Number of employees: 441,902

Sector: Banking


This is the largest commercial bank in China and boasts nearly 20 trillion yuan in total assets. Last year the company won 51 overseas awards, including ‘Best bank in China’ and the ‘Hong Kong Corporate Governance Excellence Awards’ (source: ICBC).  Its revenue in 2013 amounted to $91.1 billion.

10. McDonald’s Corp

Number of corporate employees: 440,000

Sector: Food/Restaurants

Motto/Brand promise: “Quality, Service Cleanliness and Value”


Still going strong, US company McDonald’s revenue last year was $28.1 billion.  The employee figure quoted doesn’t include the number of people that are employed at its franchises.

The world is your oyster, particularly if you are in a position that allows you to simply pack a bag, degree in hand, and relocate anywhere in the world to find work. This list provides you with a good place to start by identifying those  markets and companies that offer the greatest opportunities for employment.

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