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WORKPLACE / AUG. 15, 2014
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Top 10 Mind-Mapping Tools for Marketers and Businessmen

Whether you’re looking to create an office presentation, start a new project, or plan marketing strategies; brainstorming is a great way to take the first step forward. We brainstorm fantastic topics before writing, in the same way this method helps business people outsource excellent ideas and develop fantastic mind maps - to share with the world.

Without mind mapping, we cannot develop creative thoughts, come up with newer and unique ideas, and solve day-to-day problems.

There are several tools that you can use for creating visually attractive mind maps, and make your work easier.

Here are the best mind mapping tools to be used by every professionals:

1. Mind42

Mind42 is a highly integrated browser-based tool. You can manage your work routine using this tool. It lets you create, manage, and edit the office files. Organize your important document into folders for easy access. There is no sign-up fee. Simply create an account to start using Mind42.


2. LucidChart

This tool provides a wide range of array to organize your ideas, and develop the work plans accordingly. The chat option lets you get in touch with fellow users to share awesome business ideas. LucidChart is free for basic users. You can also opt into a premium version for getting unlimited access to advanced features.


3. MindMeister

MindMeister is one of the most reputed mind mapping applications. It helps you manage your team, assign tasks to every worker, create innovative business ideas, and brainstorm about better e-marketing options. You can easily discuss your projects with various clients and colleagues using MindMeister’s conversation option.


4. SpiderScribe

SpiderScribe lets its users organize ideas and develop better plans. You can get in touch with fellows and share files, notes and other details regarding a particular project.


5. Scapple

Scapple is a way to get ideas and organize them so that you don’t forget even a minor thing during the meeting. You can also develop connections with the customers around the globe, and brief them about your services using this tool. It is not an ordinary mind-mapping tool, but an excellent text editor that lets you write notes and share with your secretary.


6. Popplet

Become a Popplet user and enjoy features like recording ideas, uploading texts and files, and sharing videos and pictures. This is an efficient tool for iOS users, but has no version for Android smartphones.


7. XMind

XMind is one of the most efficient open source tools. It helps you manage and organize your ideas, and export them in different formats like TXT, PDF, and HTML. To avail its extraordinary features, you should sign-up for a premium account. For startup businessmen, a free account is also great.


8. Wisemapping

Take advantage of Wisemapping to share ideas with collaborators all over the world. The users can also embed files in websites, and share them on social media networks. To cope with security-related issues, you should install this tool directly onto your own server.


9. Mapul

Mapul, an excellent brainstorming tool, is from Microsoft Silverlight. Using this tool, you can create mind-maps without leaving your web browser. Mapul’s 10-user account costs around $360/year. You can also sign-up for its singer user account for $60/year.


10. makes mind-mapping easier and interesting. Create mapping trees, and add your innovative ideas with this tool. You can also change the fonts, colors and styles of your mind-mapping trees. Invite your friends to join you on the same trees.


These mind-blowing tools are effective for every professional from tutors to businessmen and e-marketers.

Choose your preferred tool to satisfy your needs, match the services offered by the list of tools and cross referencing their specifications for better outcomes.

Picture Credit: Mind42, LucidChart, MindMeister, SpiderScribe, Scapple, Popplet, XMind, Wisemapping, Mapul,

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