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Top 10 Most Annoying Buzzwords in the Workplace

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1. Think outside the box
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This term is used as a nice approach to describe an unconventional way of thinking about something. But, as it has been used over and over again, it is has now past the point of no return.

Whether we love them or hate them, buzzwords are a big thing in the world of business. They can be a way for those with a business mind to keep those who are not, out of the loop. However, no matter what our own personal feelings are towards them, it’s important for us to learn them so that we can actually understand what some of our colleagues are talking about in the office. The majority of these buzzwords are ridiculous though and if you have any sense, should try to avoid using them in excess or run the risk of sounding like a moron! Here is a list of the top ten most annoying buzzwords currently being used.

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