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Top 10 Most Exciting Websites for Kids in 2014

The internet offers a wide range of educational and entertainment websites to strengthen children’s skills and consolidate education in an exciting environment.

Parents also have the opportunity to work with their children together to regulate their intake while extending their childs knowledge base - entertainment websites give children the opportunity to explore a wide range educational concepts based on almost anything they may be interested in.

The following Top 10 most exciting websites identifies what some children consider to be the current "coolest" websites:

1. Switch Zoo: Animal Games

This website is a true joy for children to learn about animal and plant species. Switch Zoo has lots of games you can enjoy during weekends. You’ll delight to make your own animal collection. Learn interesting facts of tiger, lion, elephants, money and other zoo animals.


2. Funbrain

Funbrain is the right website for school-going children. It has mixed the educational content with fun games. Parents can help their children access plenty of e-books. The children from kindergarten to class 6 can enjoy Funbrain.


Giggle Poetry

If your child is struggling to read his books, Giggle Poetry is the answer. Kids are invited to rate their favorite poems with ‘giggle meter’. Teach your child how to read his favorite book with great ease.


4. Bubblesphere

Bubblesphere is operated by Professor Bubbles. The website is full of recipes of fantastic bubbles for both children and adults. Girls can cook these fantastic dishes with their moms, and post cooking experience in forums. You can also add your own recipe to let the world know about your creative cooking skills. You can also read adventurous articles of Professor Bubbles.


5. ABCya!

For children who love language games and/or arts, mathematics and science - then ABCya proves a popular selection. Download your favorite games to sharpen the mental capabilities and computer skills.


6. CryptoKids

This website is operated by National Security Agency. CryptoKids teaches the kids everything about how to create secret codes. As a budding cryptographer, you’ll learn how to scramble your friend’s message and password to test your memory. The website requires no sign-up, and can be accessed instantly.

7. PEEP and the Big Wide World

PEEP and the Big Wide World is a fun-filled educational website for the children of 3-10 years. It has plenty of educational resources, accessible by children and parents. Its interactive coloring pages and games make your website experience wonderful. No doubt, PEEP and the Big Wide World is a gateway to build true affection for learning in the kids.


8. Funology

Funology is one of the most amazing scientific websites for children. You are allowed to perform magic tricks, and impress the family members. Its craft pages and game reviews provide sufficient information to the kids about their favorite gaming consoles. On this website, you can try to build a terrarium for dinosaur using its animation-creation options. Check recipes and learn baking to enjoy healthy snacks at tea time.


9. Canadian Geographic Kids 

For the juniors, this website has various fun-filled resources about Canada. You can learn about the country’s geography, animal facts, technological services, and scientific inventions. Read various useful articles at this e-magazine to stay updated with the happenings in Canada.


10. NASA Kids’ Club 

Junior astronauts can learn a lot of interesting facts of astronomy. You can have a blast to explore its so many exciting options and articles. Thery can find extensive information about stars, planets, and the universe, designed to educate - while having fun. 


Many kids easily become addicted to the internet, especially when they are find their homework answers online. Parents should try to limit their kid’s screen time and motivate him to focus on learning. With the proper guidance, the internet can be a wonderful world of fun and education for the eager minds of tomorrow. 


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