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STUDENT LIFE / DEC. 03, 2014
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Top 10 Most Expensive Universities in the UK

An increasing number of domestic and international students are joining UK universities in search for a world-recognized degree. However, one reality remains true—the cost of living, tuition and associated expenses is shooting through the roof. Here are some of the most expensive universities in the UK in descending order:


 1. London School of Economics

Compared to other areas in the UK, London is the most expensive city for students. Students planning to attend the London School of Economics (LSE), which is located right at the heart of the city, should be prepared to set aside between £1,000 and £1,200 each month for living expenses. The tuition fee is the standard £9,000 a year, with students expected to fork out up to £59,400 in living costs and tuition over a period of three years.

Image Source: E-Architect


2. University of Birmingham

Times Higher Education named the University of Birmingham as the University of the Year 2014 and is ranked 11th in the UK. Students living on campus typically allocate up to £12,894 in living costs and £10,794 for those who live in shared accommodation. In search for a prestigious degree, students usually fork out at least £59, 382 for a three-year course.

Image Source: Birminghammail


3. Imperial College London

Undergraduate courses at the Imperial College London cost a yearly sum of £9,000. International students can expect to pay four times the amount at £39,150 annually. Postgraduate studies cost in the range of £3,000 to £25,500 each year, depending on whether you are studying full time or part time. With an average weekly living cost of about £286, the total cost involved in completing a standard three year course totals to approximately £57,888 for a three-year program.

Image Source: Imperial


4. University College London

As one of the most prestigious schools in London, the University College London (UCL) not only requires top grades, but, also top dollars to secure a place. All domestic undergraduate students pay a standard £9000 tuition fee, while international students pay as much as £20,100 annually. With an average of $1,000 living costs, students will have to allocate up to £54,000 for a three-year course.

Image Source: Theunipod


5. University of Newcastle

The living cost in Newcastle is relatively lower than in other university cities such as London and Cambridge. The approximated cost of living for students here is £988 per month or £8,892 per year. For a standard 3-year course, students will part with at least £53, 676.

Image Source: Chroniclelive


6. The University of Oxford



The University of Oxford is not just one of the most prestigious in the world; it can also be quite pricey for students who want an in-demand degree. The lower price point of living expenses is about £951 per month or £8,556 for the entire year. The upper range is £1,405 per month or £12,641 for the entire year. On the lower side, an undergraduate student would shell out approximately £52, 500.

Image Source: Dotting


7. Cambridge University

Although life in Cambridge is much cheaper than it is in London, students attending the University of Cambridge should set aside about £8,150 a year for living costs. While there is no cap on the maximum tuition feefor international students, UK and EU students pay the standard £9,000 in tuition fees. In three years, you can expect to mete out about £51, 450.

Image Source: Huffingtonpost


8. Loughborough University

The Loughborough University is known for its prestigious engineering, technology and sports related programs. In terms of living costs, catered halls and shared housing is much cheaper than self-catering halls. All in all, the average cost of living is about £8,130; add this to the £9,000 tuition fee and the approximate cost of obtaining a 3 year degree totals to about £51,390.

Image Source: Opendays


9. University of Sussex (Brighton)

With on-campus accommodation costing between £270 and £624, and food, laundry and household goods taking up to £220 a month, students attending the University of Sussex should be prepared to cough up between £855-£1,209 each month for living expenses. To obtain a 3-year degree in this university, you need about £51,005.

Image Source: Sussex


 10. Durham University

As a top ranked academic institution, Durham University attracts top quality students. The cost of on-campus, fully catered accommodation is about £6,289, which is inclusive of contents insurance. This amount could easily rise to £7,000 if you factor other living expenses such as socializing, mobile phone etc. Factoring in the £9,000 tuition fee, the total cost of obtaining a three-year degree here is about £45,600.

Image Source: Unisocialspace


Main image source: Theguardian

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