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Top 10 Most Useful University Degrees for 2015

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1. Business Administration
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Nearly 55% of recent graduates had at least one job offer prior to graduation, and the average starting salary is $55,000. This subject includes a wide range of skills and talents, giving grads a solid foundation for working in and managing a wide variety of businesses.

Trying to identify the most “useful” university degrees is subject to a great deal of debate, most notably as to the definition of useful. You might consider salary, job growth, employment rates, demand, and so on.

The world is in need of many people with many different skill sets. Between 2012-2022, for example, the sectors with the highest projected new jobs includes assistants, retail workers, skilled and unskilled labourers, domestic workers, child care providers, and customer service reps.

The evolving world we live in will require skilled and educated individuals in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) subjects. Anything under that admittedly large umbrella will likely be a very useful degree.

More specifically - and in no particular order - these subjects offer a strong mix of salary, demand, and growth for the present and foreseeable future.


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