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Top 10 Must have iPhone & iPad Apps in 2014

All of us dream to have a mobile device with cutting-edge specs and sleek design. Until you don’t install some great apps, you’re missing the perfect experience of the smartphone. Whether you use an iPad, iPhone, or Windows Phone, it needs best applications to be installed.

Here is the list of some great iPhone and iPad apps. The list will help you take a start with best selection, so that you can enjoy your mobile device to its fullest.

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is a trusted and commonly used application. You edit, save, and share your files with the companions worldwide. No doubt, it is a great digital source of keeping your information saved. You can enjoy up to 15GB free storage of Google Drive.

2. AirFile

AirFile lets you maintain a large number of cloud storage platforms simultaneously. This is a real time saving application you can avail free of cost.


3. Secret Apps

Secret Apps is an amazing app to save your data and files digitally. You can keep your pictures, videos, files, and important folders password protected. This free app is an excellent option for iPhone and iPad users.

4. Bloomberg

If you’re a businessman who needs to stay updated with the international business and financial news, Bloomberg is your right choice. This app lets you access plenty of business websites. You can also create personalized account or sign-up for its weekly newsletters. This is an essential free application for professionals and businessmen.


5. Hotel Tonight

If you’ve to travel for an urgent business meeting then finding the last minute hotel can be really hectic. Hotel Tonight can ease your work. With this app, you can search for the best hotels and book a room at affordable price. The app lets you compare hotel prices to choose the most suitable accommodation.


6. Homestyler

Homestyler offers you tips and information about awesome home designs. This is a great app for interior designers. You can take pictures of the room, and add 3D designs to come up with the best result. Brilliantly, you can experiment to paint the walls, keep furniture, and decorate the cupboard before committing for a specific room design.


7. Paper

This app has been created by FiftyThree. We all know that Facebook’s Paper offers a handful of News Feed activities. Using this app, you can get accurate feeds in the form of stunning, videos, images, and text.

8. Jelly 

Jelly lets you take images and ask questions from the social media friends. This is perhaps one of the exceptional apps for iPhone users. You can share your pictures, videos and notes with the potential Facebook clients.

9. Yelp 

Yelp is a great tool for searching local restaurants and bars. This lets you locate the best nightlife and cabarets to enjoy leisure hours.

10. Groupon 

Groupon is an app to hunt down discount fashion and entertainment offers.

More Apps to Consider

You can also consider these brilliant apps;

·        Evernote (organizes your daily activities)

·        TED (a great educational and entertainment app)

·        iTunes U (lets you access plenty of e-libraries and online courses)

·        Personal Capital Money and Investing (financial app to help you monitor incomes and investments)

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