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JOB SEARCH / NOV. 25, 2014
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Top 10 Public Sector Jobs in the US 2014

Individuals who work in the public sector field are employed in some capacity by a government agency. Public sector jobs are for employees with the Federal, State or local Government. Basically, a public sector job means that an employee is paid directly by the government. Some public sector jobs offer a better benefits package than those in the private sector. One major benefit of public sector employment is the long-term job security. This article will address the top 10 public sector jobs in the US for 2014.

1. US Postal Worker

A US Postal Worker is employed by the post office in the following capacities as a service clerk, mail sorter or mail carrier. The US Postal Service employs approximately 584,000 workers. Service clerks sell stamps and postage as well as assist customers when they come to pick-up packages or need to obtain passports. Mail sorters complete the task of sorting the mail for delivery. Mail carriers deliver the mail via mail trucks or on foot in urban areas.

2. IRS Auditor

An IRS Auditor is employed by the Internal Revenue Service in order to examine a business and individual tax return. They perform these audits based upon the authority of the IRS or state tax authority. The IRS and state tax authorities utilize the terms audit, examination and review interchangeably. These terms describe the basic enforcement of the tax codes as well as how to file returns accurately.

3. FBI Agent

The FBI is organized into six basic functional branches. The office of the Director houses the majority of the administrative departments. An FBI agent works in some capacity in one of the following branches: Criminal & Cyber, Human Resources, Information & Technology, National Security, Science & Technology and Intelligence.

4. Police Officer

A police officer is also known as policeman / woman, police agent and patrolman. This individual is a merited employee of the police force. In the US, the term “officer” denotes the lowest ranking police force member. Police officers are tasked with apprehending criminals and preventing crime, as well as the protection of the general public. These officers are sworn under oath and have the power to arrest people and detain them.

5. Firefighter

A firefighter, otherwise known as a fireman, extinguishes hazardous fires and rescues people who are trapped in buildings. These firefighters also rescue people who are in dangerous situations such as vehicle crashes, collapsed buildings and other precarious conditions.  

6. District Attorney

The position of District Attorney (DA) is held in most jurisdictions in the US. These attorneys represent the government in the action of prosecuting criminal offenses. The DA can be an elected or an appointed official. This position is the highest office in the legal department of each jurisdiction, which are generally based upon county by county. They supervise various staff in their departments of assistants or deputy district attorneys.

7. Parks & Recreation Officer

Parks Recreation Officers enforce various rules and regulations of the recreational facilities where they are employed. The main goal is to promote and maintain discipline, order and a safe environment. Some positions task these officers with organizing and leading various recreational activities such as sports, camping, crafts and games. Additionally, they may be required to manage the daily operations of the recreational facility as well as to administer first aid as needed.

8. Social Worker

A social worker is a professional human services employee who has been trained in the academic discipline which seeks to assist in improving the quality of life of various families, couples and individuals. These workers work with individuals who are socially disadvantaged through poverty, as well as those who have disabilities and mental and physical illnesses.  

9. Highway Maintenance Worker

A Highway Maintenance Worker is tasked with installing and maintaining road systems. Most communities utilize public works or city employees to complete these projects. These workers also work on repairing and maintaining highway roads.

10. Politician / Government Official

A Politician or Government Official is usually elected to political office and is involved in the decision-making process and influencing public policy. The term politician includes both individuals who already have an official position in the government, as well as those who are not yet in office.

Individuals interested in having a stable workplace environment with long-term job security may want to consider working in the public sector in one of the top 10 jobs listed in this article.

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