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Top 10 Reasons to Become a Fitness Instructor (Funny)

If the idea of being in a room filled with sweaty bodies sounds awesome to you, why haven’t you become a fitness instructor yet? From your secret love of wearing tight clothing to your inner desire to conquer the world, here are some of the (humorous) reasons you should choose this career.

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1. You like people staring at your backside

When you’re working as a fitness instructor, you’ll typically face away from the people you’re instructing. They’re supposed to be watching your moves and doing what you’re doing -- but secretly, you also know that everyone is checking out your backside as well.

2. You work best when music is blaring

Some people are great conversationalists; others are great dancers. Since fitness classes typically involve loud music blasting from the fitness center speakers, let’s put you in the second category and suffice it to say you like to demonstrate more than you like to talk.

3. You love Lycra

If you want to succeed in your business, you won’t get far by wearing frumpy sweatpants or bulky t-shirts. Nope -- your students will expect you to show up donning that tight Lycra number; and if the truth be told, you actually like wearing that stuff. In fact, you like it so much that you wear it everywhere -- even when you’re nowhere near the fitness center.

4. You love your muscles more than your mother

If you’re a workout junkie, what better place to spend your days than inside a fitness center? When you’re actually employed there, it stops becoming an obsession and becomes your profession. So the next time your mom calls to ask you over for dinner while you’re in the midst of a serious squat session, your excuse can be "I’m working."

5. Your attention span has a limit of one-hour

For your out-of-shape clients, a whole hour spent with you might seem like an eternity -- but little do they know that it seems long to you too. What would you do if you actually had to work for eight hours straight, with no breaks every hour to allow your students to praise you? Don’t worry -- you don’t have to do it when you’re a fitness instructor.

6. You like telling people what to do

Your fitness classes might be filled with a mix of people from all walks of life -- but admit it; you have a great love for keeping the rich ones under your thumb. Out in the real world, they may have all the control, but inside your fitness class, you’re in charge.

7. You like having your own personal kingdom

When you’re at the head of the class, no one has more power than you. Too bad it only lasts one hour...

8. You'd spend all day on the sofa otherwise

For some people, becoming a fitness instructor is the only way they can motivate themselves to work out. When they have a deadline or a commitment to a class, they’ll actually show up. If that’s you, then this is your way to avoid spending all of your time on the sofa eating pizza. In other words, you are motivated by shame.

9. You enjoy turning down unsolicited requests for dates

Like it or not, being a fitness instructor with rock-hard muscles means you’re going to be an object of desire for many aspiring gym rats, weirdos, and delusional people of all walks of life. If you’re the type who feels good about turning down people’s oddball requests for a date, then you’ll get plenty of practice in this job.

10. You like torturing people

Whether it’s telling a story that no one else will care about, making your students do a series of horribly-difficult moves, or playing a song that only you will love, you’ll be at the head of the room as a fitness instructor -- and that means you can impose any and all forms of torture on your students. They’ll secretly despise you for it -- but guess what? They’ll probably be back again next week.

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You might have other reasons for wanting to become a fitness instructor, but these should get you started -- and give you a good laugh -- in the meantime.

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