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Top 10 Reasons to Become a Singer

Private jets, world tours, millions of dollars -- this is the kind of stuff that dreams of singers are made of. Becoming a famous, successful singer is no easy task, yet it’s a profession that many of us dream of, whether we have any musical talent or not. But that doesn’t stop many people from trying -- have you watched a reality show such as X Factor lately? Here are the top 10 reasons to become a singer:

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1. You can join a competition show

american idol

From The Voice to American Idol, there are many reality shows about singing competitions. Why not join one despite the fact that you might have no musical talent whatsover? You might embarass yourself but, hey, millions have done it and failed. Why not you?

2. You can ask for anything you want

katy perry

It may be a steroetype that singers are total divas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t act like one, too. Make crazy demands like needing your trailer to be stocked with only brown M&M’s or coconut water (or even coconut water straight from a coconut). Ask for a private plane to drop you off at one of your three residences so you can get a good night’s sleep every night while on tour (apparently this is what Taylor Swift does). It may seem ridiculous, but you’re a famous singer. You can do it.

3. Auto-tune can fix anything

Auto-Tune and Britney Spears

Oh, the miracle of autotune. If you become a famous pop star but can’t actually carry a tune, you can rest easy that autotune will save your career and allow you to still release hit singles and albums.

4. You can own several houses

madonna house

Did you want to live in L.A. but also live in a mansion in the English countryside or on the beach in Palm Springs? As a famous singer, you’re totally allowed to be indulgent and live in several places. After all, you have that private jet to use whenever you want.

5. You never have to drive

mariah carey personal driver

Who has time to drive when you’re so busy rushing around town doing press for your new album? You can hire a driver who will be ready and at your beck and call 24/7.

6. You can embrace your wild side

Miley Cyrus

Successful singers rarely wind up in the press because they have a beautiful voice or have written an interesting song. Instead, it’s the crazy stuff that makes people take notice, so why should you be any different? Feel free to go out and party whenever you want, and you’ll be fulfilling your side of the bargain as a famous pop star.

7. You can act, too

J Lo backup plan  movie

Why stick to the one thing you’re good at? Follow in the footsteps of several singers and become an actress or actor, too. You might get bad reviews and it might not help your career (in fact, it can probably hurt). But that’s cool. You’re just trying to get some more press anyway. You don’t really care about acting, even though you would never say that in interviews.

8. You can travel the world

gaga private plane

You know that being on a world tour means only seeing the insides of hotel rooms and the concert venues you’re performing at. But hey, you’re still a world traveller, and you can Instragram your beloved fans so they think you have a much cooler life than you actually do.

9. You can only sleep on airplanes

Iron Maiden plane

Whether you’re travelling via your private plane or have to resort to sitting in first-class (which you will hate, because you will become a total snob about these things), you have gotten used to the fact that the only place you will get any sleep is on an airplane. When you’re travelling for concerts and press, there’s not much else you can do but get some rest, what with the exhaustion and the time differences.

10. You can claim exhaustion as an excuse

Want to get out of the last few dates of your world tour? Want to not show up for a sure to be boring radio interview? You’re a famous singer now, so all you have to do is say you’re totally exhausted and you can get away with not showing up. You can even go to rehab for exhaustion if you want.

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Ready to send out your American Idol audition tape? Now that you know the top 10 reasons to become a singer, including flying around in your private jet, owning several houses and acting crazy and wild whenever you feel like it, you know there’s no time like the present to follow your dreams of becoming another demanding pop star.

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