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Top 10 Reasons to Leave Your Job


To leave or not to leave? That is the question.

You may have considered quitting your job recently and it’s been difficult for you to make a decision. Stepping away from your job could either be a blessing or curse for you at this time. It all depends on your situation.

So, what are some important things to contemplate before resigning?

Based on a few important factors listed below, you should be able to determine what direction to take.

1. You're Never Happy

You’re just very unhappy with your job and what it entails. You never look forward to the day and what it may have to offer; after all, you’re not complacent with your work. If you feel any sort of bitterness or resentment towards the people you work amongst, then that job may not be for you anymore.

2. Colleagues are a Nuisance

Does your coworkers or the work environment easily aggravate you? This could be another sign you need to pay close attention to. You’ll never be able to work comfortably around people who don’t add to your contentment.


3. You Struggle to Please Your Boss

It just seems like you never can make your CEO happy. He is always critical about everything you do while at the same time making you feel like you’re not good enough. If your supervisor makes you feel invaluable, then it may be time to find a new boss.

4. You Have to Dumb it Down

You are not working to your full potential. At times you feel like you have to suppress your true talents in order to fit in. This is one of the signs you should not overlook. It should drive you crazy to know you can’t be yourself and show all that you have to offer. Your skills should be able to shine through at all times.

5. Benefits Keep You There

The only good thing about your profession are the benefits. You stay because you have great health insurance, your salary provides you with more than enough, and you get paid for time off. The benefits are reasonable, but everything else about the job is losing its appeal. It may not be wise to choose benefits over happiness if you want to feel fulfilled in your career.

6. You Anticipate Off Days

So, you just can’t wait until the weekend. Better yet, you can’t wait until your 2-week Christmas vacation to come around. Constantly anticipating off days reveals your true feeling about your job. You just want to get away! You should be thrilled to be at work every day, or at the least satisfied.

7. You're Not Getting the Pay You Deserve

Are you not getting fair pay for your work? You’re not the only one. According to a survey conducted by last year, 39 percent of people reported that they were being underpaid. Don’t just stick around on a job that is not compensating you with the salary that you deserve. Compliments are always great; but keep in mind, your employer will show you how much they appreciate your work through monetary rewards.

8. Promotion Opportunities Suck

Getting promoted on the job boosts your credibility and popularity. Better yet, it can be a major boost to your ego. Not getting the raise or the position you desire can be a disappointment—especially if you deserve it. A company that chooses not to acknowledge years of long-standing preeminence may be a company that doesn’t care too much about supporting the advancement of their employees.

9. You Have This Gut Feeling

It’s this gut feeling that just won’t leave you alone. You sense it every time you’re at work or thinking about your job. Being at work makes you feel uncomfortable, as if you don’t belong. This intuitive feeling will keep nudging at you as long as you choose not to do anything about it.

10. Quitting is Constantly On Your Mind

Like that gut feeling you just can’t shake, your mind is telling you to let go as well. Leaving your job is forever interrupting your thought process throughout the day. You look around your office thinking: "This is just not me anymore." You may just be right. If quitting constantly stays on your mind, then it’s probably meant to be there.

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Be cautious, however, that it’s just not you. Sometimes you can be the reason why you feel a certain way towards your job. Before making any sudden decisions, be sure to thoroughly weigh out the good and the bad.

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