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Top 10 Reasons You Need to Work Out After Work


According to recent studies, scientists have found that “the body’s metabolism seems to adapt better to a keep-fit routine in the evening or night-time.” The study was conducted at the clinical Research Centre of the university of Chicago where 40 men aged 20 – 30 participated in the exercise research program. This article will discuss the top 10 reasons you should exercise after work.

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Reasons to Exercise After Work  

It is important to exercise at least three times each week. However, many people are busy with work and daily schedules. It is sometimes difficult to fit exercise into your daily schedule. Exercising in the evening may be one of the most optimal times for people to fit it into their schedules.

1. Excellent Daily Stress Reliever

Exercise increases your body’s production of endorphins which help to relieve stress. According to research, your mind can basically “unwind” in approximately 20 minutes and this is a way to relieve stress. As you exercise, that is one viable way to relax your mind and help you to focus on exercising rather than the stresses of the day. Working out after work is important and can be an excellent way to help you decompress and leave the stress of the office at work and not bring it home. Another reason to exercise at night is that you won’t have to deal with the morning rush to the gym. A good majority of people exercise in the morning, so when you work out at night, that can become an advantage for you. Working out in the evening may even be better incorporated into your schedule than trying to fit a workout into the morning.

2. Energy-Charged Workouts

Many times in the morning it is more difficult to get motivated in moving your body to exercise. If you work out in the evening, your body has already been in motion throughout the day and you will have more energy to charge your workout. You may feel tired after working during the day. However, you are still more warmed up from being in motion all day rather than after waking up in the morning.  

3. No Disruptions to Your Sleep

Contrary to what you may think, exercising in the evening will not disrupt your sleeping patterns. The National Sleep Foundation recently published a study which stated that “compared to non-exercisers, people who work out are more likely to say they sleep well no matter when they exercise.”

4. Likelihood of Better Sleep

It is important to do a cool down at the end of your exercise routine and one way to maximize your stretching process is to do yoga before bed. Speaking from experience, yoga has helped to maximize my health and promote better sleep as well. Working out will energize you and provide a sense of well-being. It is best to work out after work and before dinner. However, if you need to work out after dinner, make sure that the energized portion of your workout is at least an hour prior to sleeping. You need to wind down with cool down stretching before bedtime.

5. Increased Probability of Persevering

If you work out after work, you will increase the probability of persevering in your decision to exercise and make healthier choices for your life. For morning people, they may be the exception to this rule. However, many people will see more results in building muscle tone and losing weight because of their likelihood of succeeding in keeping to their routines.

6. Decreases Participating in Unhealthy Activities

When most people sit down to watch television after a busy day at work, many opt to grab a snack and relax. Many times, these snacks are not healthy. We reach for the chips bag more times than veggies. When you have a set time to work out after work, you increase your chances of decreasing any unhealthy activities like eating poor snack choices and becoming a coach potato.

7. Increasing Your Healthy Choices

Additionally, working out after work, increases your chances of making healthy choices. For example, if you have a set time to work out after work, you may not be so likely to accept that invitation to go out with friends. Of course, hanging out with friends is good. However, if you are constantly out late eating, that does not help you lose weight. If you do accept that invitation to go out to eat with friends and you know you still need to work out afterwards, you will be less likely to overeat and make unhealthy food choices.

8. Daily Mini Retreat Time

You can think of exercising after work as a daily mini retreat time. All of the days’ stresses can be put to the backburner and you can think about your day in a relaxed manner while focusing on working out. For those days when you feel too stressed and don’t want to work out after work, you should force yourself to get moving. Your body and mind will thank you for keeping up with your daily mini retreat time. Reward yourself with some time spent in the sauna or hot tub at the gym afterwards.

9. Social Networking Time

Working out after work also provides you with an excellent opportunity to hang out with friends or bring an exercise buddy to the gym with you.

10. Increased Calorie Burn

When you work out after work, you have the opportunity to burn more calories due to the meals you ate during the day. However, remember to be smart and eat a healthy dinner that is also not too late in the evening. Eating later on in the evening—with no activity afterward—decreases your chances of burning calories and increases your chances of gaining more weight.

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Working out after work affords you many benefits as discussed in this article. You can decompress and have a mini daily retreat time and also increase your calorie burn ratio, among many other benefits.

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