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Top 10 Skills That Will Get you Hired in 2015

If you are a graduate and would like to increase your employability or planning to get a job by 2015 you will find this article very useful. A recent survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) revealed what skills hiring managers will look for in candidates when recruiting in 2015. According to this survey which is not much different to the 2013 survey, recruiters want candidates to demonstrate a number of skills that demonstrate their individuality and character.

So, let’s go over these top 10 essential skills you need to develop:

#1 Leadership

Employers want autonomous and resourceful employees who are able to work on their own and come up with useful results that are beneficial for their company. If you are a leader, you are able to effectively motivate and direct other people. 

#2 Ability to work in a team

Every employer is looking to recruit a graduate who is able to cooperate and solve problems as part of team. If you look closer at job adverts you will notice most employers want candidates to “get on well with people”, contributing your own ideas, being assertive – not passive or aggressive, as well as friendly and accepting.

#3 Written communication

Recruiters want you to be able to express yourself clearly in writing so as far as it concerns your application form, resume and cover letter you need to be able to checklist the three main elements that demonstrate effective written communication:

a) Structure: the way the content is laid out

b) Style: the way it is written

c) Content: what you are writing about

Be extra careful when you are sending your application as you need to double-check what you have written for any errors and always keep in mind that recruiters are not just looking at what you have to say but also how you say it.

#4 Ability to show strong work ethic

Employers are more likely to recruit candidates who are willing to make the company’s goals and needs their top priority by showing integrity, hard work, teamwork, responsibility and discipline.

#5 Ability to analyse quantitative data

Candidates with the ability to analyse quantitative data as well as visualise, articulate and solve problems have greater chances of getting hired in 2015! This skill refers to having the ability to apply logical thinking to gathering and analysing information and coming up with possible solutions and plans.

#6 Computer skills

Most of the jobs require some basic IT competence which means you need to be able to show you possess computer knowledge and practical computing skills. The European Computer Driving Licence, (ECDL) certificate can actually verify you have that kind of IT knowledge.  

#7 Verbal communication

The ability to express your ideas clearly and confidently in speech is of vital importance as it determines the way you choose to interact with other people. Effective verbal communication includes being able to listen to other people and show empathy.  

#8 Showing initiative

Employers value candidates who are able to act on imitative, identify opportunities and be proactive. This requires being self-motivated, taking responsibilities and “going the extra mile”!

#9 Technical skills

If you have acquired knowledge and abilities that are needed to accomplish mathematical, engineering or computer-related duties then you have more chances of getting hired in the 2015! The need for technical skills continues to grow therefore demonstrating your abilities in this field will definitely increase your employability.

#10 Flexibility and adaptability

The job market is constantly changing so employers are looking for graduates who are able to successfully adapt to changing situations and environments. Such skill involves learning how to cope with changes and embracing new ideas. You can show your flexibility by working in a part-time whilst studying or living in another country.

So, if you want to be hired in 2015 you need to make sure you possess, and can demonstrate these essential skills to employers!


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