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Top 10 Smart Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page's Visibility

Facebook is the hottest social media outlet available today. It has the most daily users than any other option. Making yourself known and having a positive following and overall good impression is important. Most consumers make their decisions about companies from what they see on social media as far as interaction, replies and the company’s activity as to whether or not it is a brand they want to do business with.

Look at Facebook Page Layouts

Continuity is important when you are working on solidifying your brand in a niche. This means that the Facebook profile and cover photos should match your brand and the photos on other social media networks. This is part of brand identification.

Connect with Niche Competitors

A great way to see what your competition is doing is to follow them. Engage with other brands and see how their posts and interaction or lack thereof, is helping or hurting their success.

Engage in Fun Promotions

One of the best ways to gain positive exposure with followers on Facebook is to offer special promotions and share fun content. Users like engaging with brands that have a serious side and a fun side. Interaction directly with users is important too.

Post Popular Content

Popular and trending topics are great to share with your readers. It shows that you pay attention to what’s trending and like to offer variety to your followers.  Popular content leads to more shares and more brand exposure.

Cross Promote

Share content from popular pages in your niche. This is not only promoting yourself but the niche itself at the same time. Many brands will return the favour and share the content from your page on theirs. Cross promotion is a great thing when it’s done with the right intentions.

Dip into Other Social Media Channels

You cannot, as a brand, rely solely on Facebook alone. It is important to engage with others on every social media channel available, especially Google+ and LinkedIn. More brand exposure helps your brand earn its place in a particular niche.

Share Offers and Promotions

When your brand is introducing something new or has a special promotion coming up, use Facebook to promote it.

 Keep Track of Facebook Statistics

It is vital as a Facebook page owner, that you keep track of the statistics. How many impressions are your posts making? Is the content you post being seen by a majority of the followers you have? If you do not know the answers to these questions, it is a good idea to start so that you know what kind of content your users prefer.

Use Paid Ads

Purchase ad credits as these will reach more Facebook users and include in your posts that extra entries are given to those that share the promotion. Use a third-party system to accept contest entries to make it fair for all users.

Engage with Followers

It is important to engage with followers by replying to questions and feedback, regardless if it is positive or negative. The way that your brand responds says everything about the brand to consumers. Be positive and polite no matter how hard it is.

Many brands neglect to understand just how important social media networking and interaction is. Social media presence on as many networks as your brand can feasibly manage is important. Consumers make an impression of the brand from what they read online. Use what Facebook has available to help your brand grow through adverts, cross promoting and interaction with other brands and followers. This is the best way to help solidify your brand’s online presence and status in a particular niche.

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