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Top 10 Strategies UK Employers Use to Hunt for Jobseekers

The world of recruitment is constantly changing. Currently, UK recruiters are opting to follow both traditional and new age methods of recruiting to help select the right candidates for their available vacancies. This article refers to the top 10 strategies that help UK employers connect with jobseekers and get quicker results.

Here are the Top 10 Recruitment Strategies that UK employers use:

#1 Networking Sites

Employers are currently using LinkedIn and other social media channels to connect with potential candidates. In fact, it has become very popular amongst the UK for recruitment consultants to contact people whose profile makes them a good fit for a specific company. Join LinkedIn today to increase your chances of being discovered by employers and build your professional network.

#2 Hays Candidate Search

Hays Candidate Search allows employers to find candidates who are currently registered with Hays. The search actually makes it easier and simpler for the company since the candidates have already been met and screened by a Hays consultant in order to check their background and career objectives. If you haven’t registered with Hays, you might be missing out!

#3 Indeed for Employers allows employers to search for candidates’ CVs online. A large number of UK business are probably using the Indeed CV database as we speak as it makes it easier and faster for them to search for relevant candidates and it’s free. Why not create your own CV and let employers find you on Indeed?

#4 SkilledPeople

Skilledpeople helps employers find potential employees who have at least 10 year’s work experience and most of the jobs advertised on the website relate to managerial level positions. The service allows employers to search for candidates according to their occupation and location.

#5 Recruitment agencies

Many UK employers rely on recruitment companies to help them find the perfect candidates for available positions at their company. Check popular agencies in the UK such as Adecco, Reed, Agency Central and REC and have a look at Webrecruit, which is an online recruitment agency that uses Talent Finder to connect UK employers with candidates.

#6 Career fairs/events

Career fairs continue to be prominent within the world of recruitment as they help employers connect with newly-qualified candidates. At career fairs you get to meet employers for the first time so it’s important to make a good impression. If you ever go to a career fair make sure that you prepare yourself as though you are going to an actual job interview.

#7 Seminars/Presentations

Employers often organise seminars or presentations to encourage candidates to learn more about a topic that is directly or indirectly related to their company. In most cases, this relates to the businesses that are in the sales/marketing fields. These presentations give you the opportunity to see what the company offers and enables you to meet key people from the organisation.

#8 Internships

Internships give the opportunity to employers to assess whether you would make a good future full-time employee at the company or not. So if you manage to get an internship with a UK business, make sure that you make a good impression, take initiatives and show that you are excellent at what you do.  

#9 Smartphone apps

Technology has done it once again by featuring the advent of mobile recruitment! Various smartphone apps have made it easier for employers to search for new candidates. Check KeyApps to see if your dream employer is currently using recruitment apps!

#10 Personal recommendations

Did you know that a large number of job interview appointments are still made as a result of a personal recommendation? Personal recommendation has always been and will continue to be one of the most important recruitment strategies of employers. This is the reason why networking is so important. If an employee knows a person who may be a good fit for the position he might as well encourage him to apply for the specific company.

Explore all possible paths to employment and alternative ways of connecting with employers so that you increase your chances of landing your dream job!

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