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Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks for companies to market on. The problem here is that many companies get overly excited and market in the wrong way. You have to be able to connect with consumers in order to gain popularity and further develop your brand.

Present a Full Profile from the Start

It is of the utmost importance that your brand has a full and complete profile before launching a social network page. This means that the date of inception, motto, location, description and logo must all be in place. Consumers think less of brands that are missing vital information in social media profiles.

Interact with the Audience

As a brand, it is important that you interact with the audience. When you see replies or have a notification that someone has tagged the company name, make sure you respond. Make each response personal and do not use generic statements. This turns consumers away. Consumers like personal recognition of their questions and comments.

Market with Giveaways

Introduce yourself to consumers with a giveaway. This shows that you are trying hard to give consumers an opportunity to get to know your company. An idea here is to give each of the first 500 likes a free product of your choice. You could also offer something like free shipping or 50% off their first offers if giving away a bulk amount of products is not an option.

Post Real Happenings behind the Scenes

Let consumers know what happens behind the scenes. Post photos of those working in the office, the CEO, the shipping department or anything business related that most consumers won’t see otherwise. Consumers like to know what really goes in inside the walls of the business.

Post Videos

Consumers like to see that brands pay attention. This means that engaging their interest in a daily video or something fun is ideal. It is a good way to let consumers know that your business has a sense of humor and is not strictly business all of the time.

Use Paid Contest Boosting Post Opportunities

Facebook does offer companies the ability to boost the presence of their posts by paying for the service. This is ideal when you are introducing a new product/service or are running a contest/promotion. More people see the advertisement and will click on it to participate.


Partner up with other brands within your niche. When you cross promote with them, such as sharing contests and new products. This shows that you stand alone with your own products but also respect others with similar products/services.

Ask for and Respond to Reviews

Post special promotions for customers that leave reviews. Consumers are brutally honest when it comes to their opinion of a company and its products/services. Leave all of the reviews up, regardless of their content. 

Make the Company Recognizable

On Facebook, every account holder has a profile photo and cover photo available. Make sure that both reflect who and what the company is. Use branding and logos to convey who you are to the public with recognizable imagery.

Make Daily Posts

The more active a brand or company is on Facebook, the more the general public will engage with that company. It also tells the public that you understand how important a positive and active online presence is.

Some companies believe that advertising and having a Facebook profile is all they need. Many neglect the consumers and don’t interact with them. This leaves a negative impression with consumers. Go above and beyond, without becoming lax on activities, and stay in touch with your followers on Facebook. The more people you reach, the more they’ll share content from your profile, which results in free marketing.


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