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Top 10 UK Universities for History 2015

The hunt for the perfect university seems like an increasingly difficult task. With new courses popping up each year and increasingly state-of-the-art campuses, making the choice can be a very difficult and arduous process. Luckily, we’re here for you! If you’re on the search for the best History courses within the UK, we have you covered. Out of all of the country’s universities, these institutions are the best of the best, and if you’re looking to enrol in History, you might want to see what these places have on offer.

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1. University of Cambridge

It goes without saying that one half of Oxbridge would nab the university top spot. As well as boasting some of the world’s top lecturers and research libraries, the University of Cambridge is also one of the most beautiful places in the country. Better yet, the university has some of the UK’s best museums and archives, making the campus the perfect place for any budding history student. Undergraduate tuition fees for UK and EU citizens are £9,000 per year.

2. Durham University

Based in the north of the UK, Durham University has one of the most stunning campuses around. With expert lecturers in all facets of History, Durham’s course is as comprehensive as it is fascinating. Students of History are particularly lucky on campus: the faculty headquarters are based just by the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the city’s Cathedral and Castle, which are packed with a whole lot of history of their own. Tuition fees for UK and EU students are £9,000 per year.

3. University of St Andrews

Prince William famously met Kate Middleton at the University of St Andrews, a fact which will undoubtedly go down in history books for years to come. The History course at the St Andrews is similarly steeped in prestige, helmed by some of the world’s most esteemed researchers and writers. Spread over a four-year timeframe, the course is one of the most in-depth out there and really arms its students with all the good for success. Tuition fees for Scottish students begin at £1,820 and £9,000 for all other British students.

4. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford  packs a strong educational punch. Its course in History is particularly esteemed, sweeping a broad period of both history and geography. Students can also expect insight into specialist subjects, including research projects in and around the local area. Tuition for UK/EU students costs £9,000 annually.

5. University of Warwick

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Nestled in the centre of the UK, Warwick is one of the most esteemed institutions in the country. The History department at the university is one of the largest in the country, meaning that students have some of the best research minds at their fingertips. Warwick is also noted for its geographical diversity, looking into the history of hundreds of different cultures in the course. UK and EU students are charged £9,000 per year for tuition fees

6. University of Exeter

Boasting one of the most beautiful campuses in the country and a stone’s throw from the sea, the University of Exeter is a great choice for nature-loving History students. Rating at the top of both UK and international History courses, Exeter offers one of the most dynamic and supportive courses out there, encouraging students to reach their full potential, while tuition fees cost £9,000 per year.

7. London School Of Economics

London School Of Economics

Despite being internationally renowned for its Business and Economics courses, the London School of Economics also has one of the UK’s top courses in History. Although it is one of the university’s youngest courses, LSE’s History department is one of the most in-depth and diverse, spanning geography, culture and politics. Students are also introduced to many historical debates, a great fact if you like arguing your case! Tuition is charged at £9,000 per year.

8. University of York

University of York
The Yorker

York is one of the UK’s most historically vibrant cities, so it’s little surprise that the city’s university boasts a top class course in History. With access to the Medieval Cathedral, Roman city walls, and the Tudor city architecture, students at the University of York get much more than what they pay for. The course has an impressive chronological depth and houses some of the finest minds in the world, while annual tuition costs £9,000 per year.

9. University College London

University College London

Across the city from the London School of Economics, University College London boasts a similarly excellent course in History. With a focus on the individual student, the History course aims to give each person as much focus as possible, ensuring they succeed to the best of their abilities. Better yet, students at UCL have some of the best employment prospects in the country. Tuition fees cost £9,000 per year. 

10. University of Bristol

In the heart of the UK’s stunning West Country, the University of Bristol remains one of the best in the country. With university research connecting to local museums, historical institutes and public groups, the course has one of the furthest community reaches out there. Packed full of internal events, speakers and forums, History at Bristol is a great option for any prospective student. Fees for UK and EU students are charged at £9,000 annually.

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Whatever your decision, you can rest assured that there are dozens of incredible History courses within the UK. With one of the oldest and most complicated histories in the world, Britain has formed some of the most in-depth and diverse historical institutions. All that’s left for you to do is pick one and begin the next phase of your life!

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