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Top 10 UK Universities for Linguistics 2015

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1. 10. Cardiff
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Overall Score: 92.1 Graduate Prospects: 55/100 Research Assessment: 2.85/4 Student Satisfaction: 4.03/5 Entry Standards: 412

A degree in linguistics equips students with the right skills to communicate and interpret information in the constantly evolving field of communication. Students who choose to deal with this discipline can see themselves working in a range of sectors and areas including language education (teach English as a Second Language), law (consultant on language ), advertising, marketing, computer industry (speech recognition, artificial intelligence, computer-mediated language training etc), translation, interpretation, language documentation, technical writing and journalism.

Pursuing a major in Linguistics will also help you hone skills that are highly sought-after by employers. Some of these transferable skills include teamwork, problem solving, self-management and using own initiative.  

With globalization continuing to impact on business and technology to constantly evolve, a linguistics background is increasingly becoming more relevant and valued in certain fields. This is backed by BU Linguistics which highlights that  “students with this degree compete favourably with those from other humanities and social science disciplines for entry-level positions in public relations, commerce (e.g. banking), publishing (e.g., editing, lexicography), and other fields requiring analytical, communication, and research skills, e.g., technical writing, translation, government and non-profit language research organizations, social service groups”.

If you are aspiring to specialise in this interesting branch of communication and study in the UK, check out this slideshow to view the top 10 best universities in the field of Linguistics (2015) according to the Complete University Guide

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