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Top 10 Universal Skills You Need to Be Successful

In order to become successful, you’ll need to develop a set of skills that are regarded as essential not only for your career progression but also your everyday life. These skills are extremely vital as they are applicable universally and can be applied to a range of situations and jobs.

For example, apart from the ability to read and write, knowing how to use a computer is also an essential and assumed skill in the modern workplace.

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Check out which are the top 10 universal skills otherwise known as ‘transferable skills’ that will help you succeed in life:

1. Communication Skills

Learning how to communicate with other people effectively is important. This doesn’t only help you talk to people but also to make yourself understood without any misinterpretations. As an efficient speaker you will be able to pass on your message to the recipients the right way so that they are able to understand your needs. This also works the other way around though and requires you to be able to listen carefully to what they have to say.

Check out the video above from Marie Forleo to help you improve your communication skills in 3 seconds!

2. Selling Skills

Even if you haven’t studied marketing, improving your selling skills is vital to success. The truth is that you are a salesperson already, but you don’t realise it. When you are trying to convince your friends to go out for a movie, you are essentially finding reasons as to why this is such a good movie, and you start stating the benefits. Likewise, if you want to land your dream job, you need to learn how to sell your key strengths effectively and position yourself as a true professional.

3. Networking Skills

Networking is indeed an indispensable skill. Building and nurturing relationships with people from your workplace or university can be very beneficial in terms of professional and personal development. Not only that, it can help you exchange ideas with other people, increase your knowledge of the field you are interested in, find a job, keep you up to date with current trends and ultimately help you advance your career.

4. Time Management Skills

The ability to use time wisely is regarded as the most essential skill successful people possess. Time management is all about making the most of the 24 hours you have every day to do as many things as possible and be productive. This skill highlights your ability to prioritise the important things first and ensure that your efforts are not going to waste. It also helps you organise your time effectively so that you can meet given deadlines and targets.

5. Critical Thinking

The ability to concentrate your thoughts in a logical order can help you examine facts and opinions effectively before you make up a decision. Critical thinking allows you to use logical reasoning and evidence to guide your thinking and ultimately ensure you are making the right decision. This is a vital skill that can help you overcome potential obstacles in your life and choose the best outcome to facilitate development.

6. Writing Skills

Learning how to write proficiently can help you express your ideas and thoughts on paper effectively so that other people can understand you. Whether you are a student or an employee, writing is an essential element of your work, so you need to learn how to do it right. Effective note taking, and email writing can also be useful and can improve your academic and work performance.

7. Leadership Skills

Becoming a leader means motivating and inspiring other people to follow you towards a common goal. While becoming a leader is hard work and requires a lot of dedication, it’s not an impossible goal. All you need to do is witness the work of great influential personalities such as Steve Jobs and Mahatma Ghandi to help you structure your own approach to leadership and encourage people to follow you.

8. Research Skills

Knowing how to carry out research is a valuable strength in today’s world. Not only to write assignments but also to find out more information on the subject you’re interested in. Also, since it is impossible for you to know everything, some research is required to help you learn and grow professionally. Luckily with the help of Google, you are now able to find what you need to know relatively quick and easy thus improving your research skills.

Here are some great tools to help you out:

9. Stress Management Skills

Your ability to handle stress effectively is another important skill that needs to be added to your list. Since stress can seriously affect your overall wellbeing, it is important to be able to eliminate – or at least manage stress effectively. Unless you are in good health, you can’t pursue your dreams so make sure you are not putting yourself under too much pressure and you are getting a break from time to time.

Check out the video to get some great tips on how to manage stress effectively.

10. Money Management Skills

Last but not least, you need to be able to learn how to manage your money. Being able to do that is an important skill that’s often overlooked by many. However, since the world is influenced by the power of money, you have to ensure that you will at least be able to live comfortably and that you are providing for your family. If you want to be successful and wealthy, you also need to start saving and investing for the future.

Life is a journey and the more skills you possess the more chances you have to succeed. Every single one of these valuable skills is going to help you in one way or another achieve your aspirations and live the life you want.

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Can you identify any areas you need to work on? Let us know in the comments section below…

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