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Top 10 Websites for Busy Professionals for Apartment Search

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Rather than traditional luxury accommodation, businessmen and young professionals look for features that promote environmental sustainability. Other features of apartments they search for include better security, spacious bedrooms, and well-decorated living space for entertainment. Thus, it becomes difficult for real estate brokers or agents to understand exactly what the customer looks for in an apartment. You can now search for an affordable apartment using your laptop or smartphone.

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Here are the top 10 excellent websites to help you find the perfect pad:

10. Hotpads

Hotpads comes with some exceptional specifications like;

·         Details of all major towns and buildings

·         Featured with a map-based interface for convenient apartment browsing

·         Just click on your favorite building icon to obtain quick stats and contact information of the local broker

9. LiveLovely

If you’re looking for an alternate of Craigslist, give LiveLovely a try. Some of its excellent features are;

·         This map-based tech tool allows you to locate the address

·         It sources data from Craigslist, and allows busy professionals to post their apartment requirements

·         Benefit from extraordinary features such as rent online payments, and property alerts

8. Trulia

Trulia is one of the best property websites. Its basic features are;

·         Using this platform, search for affordable houses or apartments

·         It has great articles for property agents

·         Trulia provides you sufficient information about best family accommodation

7. is a highly organized website of apartment-related data. Its amazing features are;

·         It updates about the best apartments and complexes of your city

·         The descriptions and floor plans can be easily accessed

·         Receive details about multiple buildings


6. Walk Score

Walk Score is an excellent dual-purpose website that offers;

·         Information if your favorite apartment has a good walk score

·         Obtain information about single-room apartments and family accommodation of cities like London, Paris, New York etc

·         Get regular updates on your smartphone about the budget-friendly deals and contact directly with the building owners.


5. For Rent

Using For Rent, you can enjoy features like;

·         Contact development with the best brokers and state agents in your city

·         Its user-friendly interface makes your apartment search easier

·         Get list of property managers


4. Zillow

Zillow is Trulia’s strong competitor. Its extraordinary features are;

·         It is a hot pick for businessmen and professionals, such as upscale vibe and location search options

·         Find data about your city’s buildings, contact the state agents, and request quotes from sellers using Zillow

·         App is added with integrated Walk Score option


3. Rent Jungle

Rent Jungle has many features like;

·         Using Rent Jungle to save apartment information for offline usage, and contact your property dealer for best offer

·         It has an exceptional crime map beta to check on the police records of your neighbours

2. PadMapper

PadMapper is a worth checking website for professionals, businessmen and students. Its exceptional features are;

·         It connects you with community of apartment sellers

·         PadMapper has useful articles and contents to find in-depth information about family homes

1. My Apartment Map

My Apartment Map is a great source for people looking for personal accommodation. Its extraordinary features are;

·         User-friendly interface

·         It lets buyers connect with sellers

Many other websites like Door To Door, UShip, and People With Pets are also worth checking as these aggregate listing from reliable platforms to filter in different categories. 

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