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WEB & TECH / MAR. 24, 2015
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Top 10 Websites Offering Free Online Resources for Teachers

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1. TeAchnology

TeAchnology has been in operation for over ten years and is a popular website providing online resources to teachers for grades K – 12. The resources are free and user-friendly. Over 46,000 lesson plans and 10,200 printable worksheets are available for download. One of their best features is the “Teacher Timesavers” which assists teachers in becoming better organized and more efficient in their teaching style. Additionally, worksheet makers, rubrics and teaching tips are offered.


FREE, also known as, Federal Resources for Educational Excellence is a website created by the US Department of Education. Teachers can access free resources for the classroom from a variety of federal government agencies. Educators can access information by browsing topics ranging from science to history to math. An additional feature of the website is that teachers can register for the free RSS feed to be notified when any new educational resources are added to the online database.

3. Thinkfinity

Thinkfinity is a free online resource which is made available through the Verizon Foundation. They work with content partners such as National Geographic, the International Reading Association and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, to name a few. The online resources provide innovative learning opportunities for students through interactive educational games. Additionally, lesson plans and professional development opportunities are offered for teachers. They have an online feature where success stories are shared. The basic premise of this website is to offer educators current information on the effective implementation of mobile technology in today’s classroom.

4. Curriki

Curriki is a free global learning resource website which has over 430,000 members, offers 60,391 resources and has 801 community forum groups. This website has currently had over 10 million unique visitors. The purpose behind the site is to effectively connect teachers, parents and students in the process of developing educational materials and classroom curriculum. One unique feature is that users to the site can share their teaching ideas and tips in the forum groups for anyone to view, discuss and download. Individuals can also reformat and reshare those ideas.

5. Academic Earth

Academic Earth was launched in 2009 and is founded on the premise that each person deserves having access to a world-class education. The website created the first database of free online college courses collected from some of the top universities around the world. According to Academic Earth, they have cultivated a comprehensive database of courses which have been hand selected by their staff. Users can find more education for their current field of expertise or they can learn a new topic. All of this information is available for free. Video lectures are available from high-level universities and viewers can score the teaching methods of the professors.

6. The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has a feature on their websites specific to providing resources for teachers. Users can access ready-to-use materials which are aligned with state standards for use in their classrooms. Some of the information available for teachers is based on topics such as the following: US Presidents, This Day in History and science mysteries. Additionally, there is information available for professional development as well. The Library of Congress has a vast digital collection for teachers to access educational resources from.

7. Teacher's Domain

Teacher’s Domain is offered through PBS Learning Media and provides free digital media to users for educational purposes. All educational resources can be accessed by individual state educational requirements. One feature of the website is that users are able to create an online profile to compile informational resources and easily share those lessons with others.

8. The National Science Digital Library

The National Science Digital Library is one of the leading databases in the nation for resources in technology, science, mathematics and engineering topics. In adherence to Common Core Standards, free lessons in math, science and technology are provided. Teachers can also find free lesson plan ideas all targeted to students grade K – 12. Users can access resources via iTunes multimedia files as well as utilize the free science literary maps.

9. PBS Teachers

PBS Teachers is offered to teachers through the PBS Teachers Stem Education Resource Center. Resources are available for teachers of students in grades PreK – 12 in the following subjects: (STEM) science, technology, engineering and math. All information is offered for free and available to everyone. The premise of the PBS educational method is learning through television as well as online content. The PBS digital resources can be utilized by teachers to help students practice and learn new skills, learn new concepts and become more engaged in the learning process.

10. NASA for Educators

NASA for Educators offers resources for teachers that they can utilize in the classroom. There are a variety of topics that teachers can access such as: NASA’s missions, internships and careers with NASA and how to get scholarships or fellowships with NASA. The website and information database is user-friendly and teachers can easily access NASA resources. The database includes over a hundred different indexed websites and publications.

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There are so many free online resources available for teachers. If you are a teacher and have utilized any of these resources in your classroom, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to post comments in the section below.

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