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Top 10 Weirdest Jobs

weirdest Jobs

Choosing a career is a tough business. While the traditional paths of college or apprenticeship will help guide you toward certain careers, some careers follow a completely different path -- both in origin and in nature. If you’re having a hard time deciding on a "normal" career like nursing or teaching, check out some of the more obscure and downright weird jobs you could be pursuing instead.

#1 Dice inspector

To ensure dice aren’t rigged -- and someone doesn’t unfairly end up with the night’s jackpot -- dice inspectors check out the quality of dice and make sure they have the right size, weight and proportions.

#2 Professional Mourner

Whether you’re in Africa, Asia or even in the United Kingdom, you don’t have to put up with having a boring funeral in which no one really seems upset about the deceased’s passing. Instead, you can hire a professional mourner to fuss, cry and prostrate around the coffin. In the UK, check out Rent-a-Mourner.

#3 Hired Cuddler

This practice started in Asia, but perhaps the most well-known professional cuddler nowadays lives in Portland, Oregon. For $35, a woman named Sam will spend 30 minutes introducing you to the power of human touch. No funny stuff is allowed -- your clothes need to stay on.

#4 Chicken Sexer

When you order a box of hens from a farm, you don’t have to hold your breath, hoping you didn’t get a noisy baby rooster in the pack. That’s because chicken sexers have been on the job, sorting out the girls from the boys. With the sexual organs hard to distinguish in a tiny yellow chicken, it’s far from an easy job.

#5 Keeper of the Stanley Cup

Image: cbc

Wherever the National Hockey Association’s winner’s trophy goes, so goes the so called Keeper of the Stanley Cup. As of 2014, that person was Phil Pritchard, the man responsible for staying with the beloved trophy all day, every day. Unlike many other sports trophies, there’s only one Stanley Cup -- and that makes it special enough to have its very own keeper.

#6 Armpit Sniffer

Before a deodorant hits store shelves, someone has to make sure it’s up to snuff. That’s the job of “odor analyzers” who get their noses into peoples armpits for a living.

#7 Space Travel Agent

Traveling into space used to be a thing of fantasy, but not anymore. With Virgin Galactic’s efforts to bring consumers into space comes the need for someone to sell them the packages. Those people are called space travel agents; there are hundreds of them already out there, even before commercial space flight has become a reality.

#8 Human Scarecrow


Birds can really mess with a farmer’s crop -- so instead of building a dummy scarecrow with old clothes and straw, some farmers hire real-life humans to do the job.

#9 Gumologist

Before you get to taste the gum you buy in the supermarket, someone’s behind the scenes popping bubbles and checking out its quality. So-called gumologists typically work for candy and food companies.

#10 Human shot glass

There’s modeling, and then there’s bartending -- but then there’s a combination of both. At events such as the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, girls get paid to let people drink shots from their bellies. Usually though, the shots are contained in real shot glasses set inside the girls’ navels.

Whether you’re looking for a career in agriculture or even something more off-world, these jobs should help you get started thinking about alternatives to the typical career.

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