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Top 3 Career Lessons From Ellen DeGeneres

1. Be Honest

It’s hard to believe that Ellen was ever ’not gay’ to be honest. Nevertheless, her coming out was such a brave move and let’s face it, it really didn’t go down well. She soon lost her TV show, was out of work, as she stepped out of the closet and almost immediately hit rock bottom.

Despite it not being the best move for her career, Ellen came out to be true to herself. She could no longer live a lie. This teaches us that sometimes we might need to put our careers at stake for happiness in our personal lives. Ellen’s bold move has gained her a lot of respect since then, and she is now considered an inspiration for droves of young LGBT people, not to mention celebrities.

If she had stayed in the closet, there’s no way she would be as popular as she is now. For the simple reason that to be a TV personality, you have to let the people see who you are; you have to be transparent and let people into your life for them to relate to you.

2. Be Respectful

There’s no disputing the fact that Ellen is very very funny. The skits and stand-up that regularly feature on her show can leave you in stitches. But she’s never disrespectful, she never makes a joke at the expense of somebody else, she is never rude or malicious. There aren’t many other comedian’s who do or could do that.

The lesson here is that you don’t have to step on other people to make your way to the top. You don’t have to drag other people down to gain respect. Ellen DeGeneres has proved that if you’re smart and tasteful those tactics are unnecessary.

3. Be Kind

Ellen ends her TV show with the same message every day, ’Be kind to one another.’ And she herself is certainly kind to the people she comes into contact with. She helps out those in need wherever she can, inviting them onto her show, listening to their stories and giving them the aid that they require.

This is another reason people love Ellen so much. Similarly to the last point, kindness can go a lot further than meanness. Use the platform you have or the voice you have for good and people will be drawn to your positivity and appreciate your good nature. It’s a falsity to think that only tough people can make it in this world.

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It’s pretty obvious that a lot of Ellen’s success is based upon her likeable character. We could all stand to be a little bit more like Ellen in every aspect of our lives. Though hard times may hit and your career prospects can seem dire if you stay true to yourself and remain a good person, you will see success again.

Are you an Ellen fan? Are there any lessons she can teach us that you think I have left out? Your thoughts and comments below please...



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