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Top 3 Most Funded Projects on Kickstarter 2014

If you aren’t fully aware of what Kickstarter is, it is one of the most powerful platforms for startup funding available in the marketplace today. Thousands of people have had their dreams come true by gaining the funding they required to start their own business or to get their inventions produced and distributed to the mass market!

How does kickstarter work?

The platform is very easy to use, however, there are several points you need to be aware of:

  • You must create a kickstarter funding campaign, which involves a profile, bio of your business idea or invention, optional video and images.
  • You must state the amount of funding you require for your project to come to life.
  • To withdraw the funds donated to your cause, you must have reached the full funding budget that your campaign stipulated at the beginning.
  • You can offer prizes, gifts or any form of motivation to entice ‘backers’ to donate to your campaign.
  • There is a time limit that you must select. If your funding has not been 100% received inside the time restraint, you will not be able to withdraw your funds.
  • Kickstarter places a commission on the funds you make so please be aware of this when it comes to deciding on the amount of money you need to raise.

Kickstarter is strict, but it gives every day, regular people an outlet to showcase their inventions and business ideas and a platform where raising a significant amount of money for a product or service is actually possible. The networking for this form of campaign funding is typically done through social media, so the more friends and contacts you have the better!

Without further ado, we will now take a look at the 3 most successful campaigns in terms of funding that kickstarter has seen this year.

#1 Coolest Cooler by Ryan Grepper 

The ‘Coolest’ is described by its makers as a “portable party disguised as a cooler.” This product is attractive to the eye and yet a fully functional and practical cooling device that everyone needs! From its built-in ice crushing blender to its waterproof bluetooth speakers. This product has it all.

Funding goal: $50,000

Pledged of goal: $13,285,226

Number of backers: 62,642

 #2 Pebble by Pebble Technology

The creators of the Pebble watch state that it is fully customizable in terms of watch faces and it can sync to a your social media and email, whilst also allowing you to download a broad range of apps. The creators also share that android users can receive text messages to their Pebble watch! The possibilities are endless.

Funding goal: $100,000

Pledged of goal: $10,266,845

Number of backers: 68,929


OUYA is described as “a new game console for the TV, powered by Android”. It is essentially an open gaming platform which gives industrial developers access to the living room market i.e. apps that can be played through the TV. As an affordably device, this product gained much interest across the board and achieved a great deal of funding, over and above their funding goal.

Funding goal: $950,000

Pledged of goal: $8,596,474

Number of backers: 63,416

There is almost an art to creating the perfect funding campaign to not only interest enough people to back your project, but to actually encourage those backers to spread the word so that your project is a success. All of the above mentioned campaigns included high quality, engaging videos and images, and each project also offered a wide array of ‘thank you’ gifts for their backers. This is something that you must bear in mind when creating your own kickstarter campaign.

It is worth checking out the kickstarter blog for some great tips on how to ensure a successful campaign.

Have you been successful with a kickstarter campaign? Have you tried creating a campaign but it didn’t reach your funding goal in time? Tell us about your crowd funding experiences below!

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