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Top 3 Sites for Finding a Paid Internship Abroad

Had enough of the UK job market? You know that things are bad when even volunteer placements and unpaid internships are highly competitive. So why not branch out a little? Complete your internship further afield and return with great skills for your CV and heaps of experience under your belt or lederhosen or sombrero etc.

Here are 3 useful sites that can help you on your way to a paid internship abroad…

This site organises paid work placements in sectors such as hospitality or tourism in various countries such as Australia or Canada (as well as in the UK) which can last from 4 weeks up to a year. They also organise professional internships and teaching assistantships all over the world in countries such as Ghana and China. Further sections on the site outline volunteering and gap year opportunities. The only downside is that all of the above has to be paid for by you. The paid work placement programmes however, despite costing a fee, do involve receiving a stipend, food and accommodation in return.

The Leonardo Da Vinci programme is undoubtedly the best offer on the site. It offers vocational and language training in various European destinations and is fully-funded including return flights. This might include business, design, journalism or marketing internships. They are however only short-term placements of up to 10 weeks.

As part of the British Council’s ‘Study Work Create’ programme, Brits aged 16-25 have the opportunity to take part in worldwide internships. The British Council Brussels for example offers a 6-month paid internship involving working within the EU team completing tasks such as research, communications and web content. Those who have recently left university can apply to be an English language teaching assistant in Europe. There’s also an English teaching project in Thailand for undergrads and recent graduates, and various internships in China for those still in higher education which include Mandarin lessons, accommodation and a stipend.

This site is very different to the other two as it is, in essence, a search engine like any other job site and therefore does not provide any formal internship programme associated with the organisation itself, simply providing a platform for various companies to advertise available positions. The plus-side of this is that if you’re looking to find something more specific or unusual then you are likely to find it here. The downside is that you may not get the level of support as you would on the other programmes. Industries include anything you can think of from media to sports to manufacturing and even governmental work.

If all else fails, simply choose a country/area, choose a field and e-mail as many companies in that as possible to enquire about internships. This worked for me when I bagged a translation internship in Germany. Good luck!

Image available under a CC license from Will Ellis.

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