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Top 4 Apps to Spring Clean Your Professional Life

Most people love the spring season. For those of us living on the East Coast of the US, we’re still enduring some colder weather and wondering when spring time will “actually” arrive—even though it’s officially here. With the advent of spring, many people feel the urge to do a “spring clean” and purge unwanted items from their homes and office spaces and start fresh. After all, that’s what spring time is about, right? A new start! This article will address how you can utilize technology to help you spring clean and bring a sense of organization back into your professional life.

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1. File This

File This is an excellent mobile app that can help you begin spring cleaning your professional life. Many people have made the move to go paperless and you can too with File This. The app is available for free on all iOS and Android devices. Basically, the app is like a personal assistant handling all of your paperwork. Your documents—such as reports, invoices, case files etc.—will be automatically collected and organized in a user-friendly digital filing cabinet. In addition to getting organized, you will also save hours of time each week by using the app. For example, you can simply check for newly added online documents from all of your created accounts. These documents are uploaded automatically and on a consistent schedule. Additionally, users can store email attachments as well as upload and manage receipts through the File This Cloud. You can stay organized and make sure that you don’t lose any documents. Everything will be accessible from all devices at anytime from anywhere.

2. Post-It Plus

Post-It Plus is a mobile app that was developed by 3M this year. The free app is only currently available on iOS devices. If you are a note-keeper and list-maker type of person, your sticky notes may be crowding each other out and you have lost your organizational power. This app offers the opportunity for individuals to do spring cleaning on their office space wall by capturing up to 50 Post-It notes in one photo. You use the app to separate those notes into groupings. Digital notes can be created and organized and then easily shared with those on your favorites list. The app supports PowerPoint, Excel, Dropbox, PDF and other digital formats and can be accessed across all your devices. Your professional spring cleaning can help you work better as a team collaborator.  

3. Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable is another mobile app that allows users to go paperless. When you use the app to scan documents, they are quickly captured through high-quality scans and are then ready to be saved or shared. This app is a good way to continue with your spring cleaning and get more organized in your professional life. For example, you can get rid of all those business cards from people in your network. Simply use the app to scan them into the system and you’ll have instant access to them when needed. When the business cards are scanned, the system saves them as a contact profile. Also, when you take the scans, the photos do not clog up your mobile device’s camera roll. Rather, they are saved in the app program. The mobile app is able to scan complete documents which can be saved or shared via email as well.

4. Paper Karma

Paper Karma is another mobile app that can help you spring clean your life by decluttering the paper “spam” mail that you receive each day. Everyone is always talking about decluttering your email box, but this app is invaluable to helping people get organized as well. Users simply take a photo of their unwanted junk mail and the app gets to work. Paper Karma will then automatically begin contacting the Mailers and have you removed from their mailing list. With this app, most of your unwanted mail will be stopped and you can begin to get organized.

So, welcome that fresh, clean spring spirit by using these mobile apps to organize your professional life and office space. You’ll save time, improve your workplace productivity and have more of your lunch hour to enjoy the nice weather. Hopefully, we’ll see some of that nice weather soon and spring will be here to stay for a while!

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