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Top 4 Professions for Problem Solvers

Do people often refer to you as an excellent problem solver? Do you think you could put your problem solving skills to good use in your career? If so, then consider the top problem solving careers listed below...


Engineers are in high demand and the pay opportunities are excellent. The role of an engineer is to solve problems on a daily basis. You will need to have a creative flair combined with exceptional science and maths skills.

Graphic designer

Graphic designers need to be highly artistic and creative. They are responsible for building innovative visual concepts, creating pioneering design solutions and creative concepts with visual impact.

To effectively complete their tasks they need excellent problem solving skills, along with a professional approach to deadlines, time and cost.


Do you have a flair for solving legal problems? Do you have excellent critical thinking and analytical skills? Are you passionate about law? If so, working in law could be the best profession for you.

Lawyers are responsible for representing clients in court or before government agencies. They must advise clients on legal matters, defend lawsuits and analyse the probable outcome of cases. The ability to proficiently complete such responsibilities requires diverse problem solving skills.

Medical and Health Services Manager

If you are an excellent organiser and have a strong eye for minor details, then a career as a medical and health services manager may be just the thing for you.

The responsibilities of such a role (also known as a healthcare administrator/executive) are to supervise, plan, direct and coordinate medical and health services.


This role requires strong organisation skills as you will be required to schedule, budget, update technology and work closely with doctors and patients. You will play a key role in the overall development and smooth functioning of a department, and may be responsible for managing an entire unit, or managing a medical practice for a group of physicians.  

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