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SOCIAL MEDIA / DEC. 10, 2014
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Top 4 Social Media Tools to Boost Your 2015 Business

2015 is a year where we will see the increasing popularity of mobile technology and the continuing consolidation of social media in our daily lives. More and more businesses rely entirely on social media to spread their messages. This is why it’s become more competitive than ever before. Businesses can’t afford not to succeed on social media.

Of course, making social media work is easier said than done. Whether it’s a lack of time or a lack of knowledge, a lot of businesses struggle to make the most of social media. That’s why we have produced a list of the top 4 social media tools we think will boost your business in 2015.

#1 FotoYapp

Social media is an international medium. You obviously can’t speak everyone’s language, but stories can cross these language barriers.

FotoYapp is an app designed to take your social media efforts to a global level. It lets you share videos and comments for up to 18 seconds around the world in 67 different languages. It works with all the major social media networks, including Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. It’s a chance to transport your social media campaigns to practically everyone on the planet.

#2 Retailcommon

Mobile shopping is the future of eCommerce. We already know that. You likely already have your eyes set on it. It’s your chance to target a broad and diverse audience.

Retailcommon is a tool that can help you tackle this mobile space. It lets markets create and distribute advertising content in order to generate more web traffic, build sales, and enhance customer engagement. It’s a system based on the cloud. An additional feature is the chance to minutely manage campaigns and offers, all whilst tracking results in real-time.

#3 Ocho

Video content is what drives everything forward. You can’t do anything without first being able to utilise all forms of media. If you want to benefit from video content, consider using Ocho. It’s a video platform that uses eight-second short videos. In other words, it’s similar to the Vine network. The difference is Ocho also aims to create a community within this freely downloadable app. Users are able to reply with videos of their own, along with text-based comments.

#4 SocialBro

Twitter is the second biggest social media network in the world. This means you can reach millions of people extremely quickly. Studies have shown companies have found it difficult to properly take advantage of the social media network. It’s why we now have such a big industry in tracking Twitter results and getting a good ROI.

SocialBro is one of the leading tools in the realm of Twitter. It’s an app that can map the amount of audience engagement you’re getting. It then reproduces this engagement on a graph. Metrics like this can help you choose the right audiences and check to see if everything is working how it should. This prevents businesses from spending months targeting an audience that isn’t giving them the results they seek.

Take note, this isn’t a free app, like the others on this list. There are a number of trial options available, so you can test it out first, though.

Overall, these are just four of the apps you should consider using for business in 2015. Whilst they cover all the bases, every business has different needs. You will have a specific set of needs that can’t be met by generalised apps like this. Once you have looked at these, make sure that you search for apps relevant to your industry and your size of business. It’s the best way to stay ahead of the game and increase your chances of standing out from the crowd.

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